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1st Feb 2010, 04:13
I posted this in D and G hoping to get some response from pilots.
The Thread has been punted to CC Forum where it will get none.
This is important.
I need to go to an interview with my manager with information provided by pilots who may have an opinion.
I follow the direction of the PIC and I may be in some shite for doing so.

ditch handle
1st Feb 2010, 04:18
Not a pilot but my understanding is "PA" and then "All" won't go through to the "day spa".

I think a straight "PA", does.

Then you've got "PA" 1 or 2. Not sure if they go through?

1st Feb 2010, 04:33
After a recent challenge by a Mandarin Speaking FA about this it has become a hot topic in the office.
Make a PA All announcement and it is heard very loud and clear in the tech crew rest.
On the A330 it is either PA All or PA 2.Dont know about any PA1.
For me if the Capt says PA2 then PA2 it is.
Then again commonsense and company policy tend to be diametrically opposed.
Good luck with your interview.
Go upstairs and make an appointment to see the Chief Pilot.He will definitely be able to provide clarification

1st Feb 2010, 04:58
The thread was moved to the appropriate forum. Cabin Crew.

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