View Full Version : Qf Line Station Managers Retiring?

30th Jan 2010, 15:32
Heard today QF Engineering Line Station Managers for S"pore and Jakarta told to retire, and won't be replaced.
Any other stations effected?

Going Boeing
30th Jan 2010, 21:06
My understanding is that SIN & CGK are the last of the Asian ports to lose QF engineers - BKK went to CX engineers last year, HKG has been HAECO for a long time. The whole operation will be managed by the head of engineering in LAX.

Losing our own staff in SIN is a huge surprise as we have a large number of flights which over the years has lead to some major engineering challenges.

This looks like another one of Boston Consulting Group's ideas to reduce costs irrespective of the long term consequences.

30th Jan 2010, 22:31
All part of the cunning plan.Cathay now has the bulk of international contracts in BNE also.Wouldn't be surprised to see the QF work handed to third parties in mainland OZ either. An interesting year ahead with a new broom at the helm of QF engineering,hope he has more nous than his predescessor.

31st Jan 2010, 01:59
Didn't they try this a bunch of years ago in SIN only to change it back because it was a disaster for us? Have we forgotten those lessons? :confused:

31st Jan 2010, 02:28
It is only the Manager retiring in S'pore.
The other LAMEs will be staying on for now.
SIAEC is only doing the QF31/32 if its an A380, and soon the morning A330 departure.

I think the manager was the only QF staff in Jakarta, but could be wrong.

griffin one
31st Jan 2010, 07:41
The question remains were they pushed ?
They are going to be replaced in the interim with ops managers,(gutrash and ozzie).
All thanks to t.c and whip on passing down valued line experience to the up and coming station engineers. More importantly when and where is the piss up ?

31st Jan 2010, 08:44
as nice as the old coonts are, there does come a day.
who needs a line station run by lames pushing 70+?

Capt Fathom
31st Jan 2010, 08:59
who needs a line station run by lames pushing 70+?

Who needs that type of experience running the show!

Young wipper snappers can do it much better. Just ask them!!


31st Jan 2010, 09:55

Young wipper snappers can do it much better. Just ask them!!

Thats why theres F**k All LAMES You guys are holding on for the last breath till u get ur close car park and ID90 for life go on retire live with your wife after 20 + years of shift work youll love it NOT

MOVE ON OLD BOY ----- LET GO..............:)

Ps Your son will love that tool box your going to hand down Lockwire pilers are handy around the house!!!!