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30th Jan 2010, 15:16
Thought some might like to see a snap of this - taken whilst I was in Gandar in 91.....Here's seeing if it posts..:ok:If the mod's feel it should be in "spotters corner" please feel free to move. Anyway hope someone likes it:O - Have more if interested..PFR


30th Jan 2010, 15:32
Nice to see; I'd be interested in more from the same era, certainly.

Minor correction: it's an NP-3A Orion, but the Orion design was based on the Electra so... :ok:

30th Jan 2010, 15:40
Thanks BossEyed - sorry if it's a bit granny it's scanned from a print. You sure it's an Orion as it's on an "N" plate so assumed it was an Electra. I'll see if I can find some more...Cheers, PFR:)

30th Jan 2010, 15:51
NASA has operated quite a few aircraft with N registrations that have a military pedigree.

For example, here are N863NA and N864NA over Edwards:


30th Jan 2010, 16:11
Ah ha..thanks BossEyed.
Here's another of the "beast" (could may be do with a touch of editing), bit "samey"...It was November 1991..I'll see what else I can turn-up:)


30th Jan 2010, 16:43
This one is an Electra - again taken at Gandar Nov 91 - it was on delivery (from Zantop in the US)..


30th Jan 2010, 22:22
That's me in the middle seat. I did that delivery flight.
Happy days.

30th Jan 2010, 22:53
Excellent - it's a small world indeed:ok: I've got some more of it in Gandar if you'd like:)

31st Jan 2010, 11:18
There is tv series running at the moment called Ice Pilots and many of these old birds are being used there

31st Jan 2010, 11:39
Dixi188 - this is how she ended up, sadly:sad:


I'll post some more in happier times later...

31st Jan 2010, 14:04
How about this one:) If this thread carrys on I'll need to rename it Gandar 91:8 Anyway hope someone likes it - trying to get some better scans, but my computers protesting:hmm:


Convair 540? Canadian Gov/Research? I await to be enlightened:ok:

31st Jan 2010, 15:45
Convair 580, Environment Canada / Natural Resources Canada (http://www.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/glossary/index_e.php?id=3169) - at least, that's what Google tells me. :}

Apparently the same aircraft is currently testing a new imaging radar for the Canadian CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft - or Orion*, to you and me, which brings us round full circle. :8

*Externally, anyway.

31st Jan 2010, 18:04
Thanks BossEyed - at least it wasn't wikipeda:}

Chille Con Carnie
31st Jan 2010, 20:49
Yes me to on the Channex Gandar flight 91 love to see some more pic,s of that era?