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29th Jan 2010, 07:45
Has anyone out there experienced problems with the aft c-duct latch access door blowing open?
This is a designed blow out door, but is continually blowing out. Latch tension has been checked and C-ducts have been re-rigged numerous times with no luck to solving this problem.

Any ideas on where to look next would be apprieciated


30th Jan 2010, 06:39
Have you checked for engine air leaks? broken duct under the reverser cowls?
The blowout door is for what??:D

30th Jan 2010, 12:44
For the E4 engine it sounds like the door itself isn't rigged correctly, they pop open on landing normally if they're not rigged not through blow-out pressure.

In Chap 78 after the rigging of the C-duct latches there is a page on rigging the doors, it also mentions that the fwd door should always be closed before the aft to ensure they're correctly latched.

If that's all done correctly then you should consider what the last poster says and check for broken ducts or air leaks, again there's only a small mention of this in Chap 78 as follows

The function of the forward and rear latch access doors is to make
the air flow over the latches smooth. The latch access doors also
allow for access to the thrust reverser latches. Also, the rear
latch access door operates as a pressure relief door for the zone 3
air. This function would be used if a duct breaks open or if air
leaks occur.

Zone 3 is cooling air for the turbine case, the outlet for this is where the aft c-duct latch panel is! Chap 75-21 has some good basic info on Zone 3 air and the px relief too.

Hope this helps.

1st Feb 2010, 00:45
Latch access doors have been rigged correctly and checked a no. of times. I have seen on some engines the forward latch access door is a scoop shape diverting airflow away from the ventilation gap between the 2 doors, we still have the standard flat fwd access door, is it poosible that during steep take off air rushing through the gap could cause the access door to blow open?


1st Feb 2010, 01:14
Have you tried Speed Tape :ok:

1st Feb 2010, 01:18
Have you tried Speed Tape

I suspect if its a RB211 attached to a 757 in NZ, then its standard RNZAF issue:}

1st Feb 2010, 11:14
That modified fwd panel is incorporated in Rolls Royce SB 78-8930, ours have the mod and we don't have problems with the panels blowing open.

Might be worth pulling up that SB and seeing what it says?

Next step i'd say is definately check for leaks/broken ducts. If there aren't any you're going to have to replace the latches and re-rig again.