View Full Version : Honiley Aerobatics Competition

29th Jan 2010, 00:16
Sorry to intrude but I was wondering if anyone has information about
the Honiley Aerobatics Competition between the wars? I have a watch
(rather battered) with the inscription "Presented to Alfred John
Phillips, Winner of the Honiley Aerobatics Competition 3 years running
1934 1935 1936)" Alfred being my Grandfather, he died in 1937 when my
father was 12, so I never met him

I would be grateful for any information

30th Jan 2010, 20:43
Try the local Honiley newspaper archives,or the British Aerobatics Assoc website..

Dick Whittingham
1st Feb 2010, 11:07
Slight thread creep!

When the Auxilliary squadrons reformed after WW2 605 went to Honiley, having been at Castle Bromwich before the war. I was on 605 for a while and Honiley of that era was obviously a standard WW2 build. Was there an airfield of some kind at Honiley in the 'thirties?