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26th Jan 2010, 02:48
On February 4, 1986, AP-AYW made belly landing at Islamabad Airport around 9AM in the morning. The Boeing 747 was arriving as PIA flight PK-300 from Karachi with 264 passengers & crew onboard. Luckily everyone survived this accident caused by pilot error. AP-AYW was repaired with Boeing Company's technical assistance

Pictures here .....

History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines (http://www.historyofpia.com/acciphoto.htm)

Does anyone have any further information on how this crew managed to land gear up ? Did the gear warning horn fail ? Circuit breaker pulled ?

26th Jan 2010, 15:31
Forgetfullness, or so it seems: ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 747-282B AP-AYW Islamabad International Airport (ISB) (http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19860204-0)

26th Jan 2010, 21:24
All that noise going on distracted them :)

26th Jan 2010, 23:09
Wouldn't there have been a config warning making a racket with landing flaps + no gear down?

Yes, and it's very loud, can't be missed.

Brian Abraham
27th Jan 2010, 03:00
Yes, and it's very loud, can't be missed

Well, it seems it can be!!!! :eek:


Pelican's Perch #80: Gear-Up Landing In A 747? (http://www.avweb.com/news/pelican/188536-1.html)

27th Jan 2010, 05:15
When you pull the throttles back on a B747-200 you get a warning horn if the gear is not down. Normal procedure is to pull the gear horn lever to stop the noise. If you never advance the throttles again you will never get another warning. This is rare, but is posiable. You have a perfect decent rate and enough energy to extend flaps and slow to the right speed without the gear extended and you dont check the gear lever position, down verse off, you may not catch it. But that is why we have gear down before landing checklists......

27th Jan 2010, 16:42
I saw the aircraft in Islamabad the day after the incident - must have been a good landing as the damage was absolutely symmetrical !Met the flight engineer some years later and understand that the aural warning c.b. had been pulled for some spurious warning.

27th Jan 2010, 23:50
A C5A landed gear-up at Travis in '85 while doing touch-and-goes. No mechanical problems, they just forgot.

28th Jan 2010, 01:47
On Jan 30, 2009, a C-17 made a gear up landing (the entire crew missed all the warnings) at Bagram air base, Afghanistan so, I guess, these kind of things are likely to keep happening in future unless some human finds a way to remedy the "human" factor involved.

Agaricus bisporus
28th Jan 2010, 11:00
Didn't 3 training captains do this at Shannon in an Electra in about '98 and ended up flying the circuit after ground contact having left one engine and a second propellor behind?

Brian Abraham
28th Jan 2010, 11:25
Agaricus bisporus, official report here.


29th Jan 2010, 11:55
And another one.........an unintended wheels-up belly landing on runway 31 at Diego Garcia 2006.