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Max Torque
25th Jan 2010, 17:23
Anyone been there recently?
Care to share? Airspace restrictions, coordinating authourities, use of risk mitigating approach and departure profiles, handling, fuel, anything else useful?



25th Jan 2010, 17:45
Hope you're very very well paid to go there !:}

25th Jan 2010, 18:31
Been there a few times. Entrance to the FIR is restricted to ,as I rem.,. not above F240 going in and F230 exiting.Once in, no radio contact for about 10 mins due low level and dist. from ATC..so dont panic they will eventually pick you up.ATC is US mil with local control at airports and is to a good standard. Once on radar you will usually be given "direct destination".ILS clearance is usually.."direct to field descend at your discretion" a little vague!!Watch out for mil choppers,light recce aircraft and DRONES!.rem at your discretion .Departure will be "climb at max rate to 3500(like you need to be told) mil traffic ops up to 2500. and away you go!
Please check insurance issues both personal and aircraft,and remember its a war zone,no matter what the company say ....you are on your own!!

25th Jan 2010, 19:51
I don't know if this gives you any peace of mind, but Gulf Air operate a scheduled service into Baghdad from Bahrain.

Read into that what you wish, possibly an airline operating there might signify a relatively stable situation for commercial traffic?

Chicken Leg
25th Jan 2010, 22:14
As do Royal Jordanian from Amman.

26th Jan 2010, 03:44
Does anyone know of any job opportunities in Iraq at the moment? Or Afghanistan for that matter?

Ex-mil with plenty of relevant experience. Airlines are still in hiding and I could do with a bit of sun again.


26th Jan 2010, 20:25
Anyone been there recently?
Care to share? Airspace restrictions, coordinating authourities, use of risk mitigating approach and departure profiles, handling, fuel, anything else useful?


I've been there, very recently...as well as most other places in-country. However, if you're going there you're usually pre-briefed on procedures by those for whom you work.

Discussing ATC procedures in Iraq really isn't appropriate on an open forum, and airfield procedures for most locations are classified. Outside of such operations, if you have access to the proper charting, your questions will be answered.

Chicken Leg
26th Jan 2010, 21:45
Actually Guppy military procedures in Iraq are classified, but I can assure you that civil procedures into civil airfields are not.

28th Jan 2010, 01:32
Even civil overflight procedures shouldn't be detailed on the web. The simple issue of a discreet code and the method of handling that, as uncomplicated as that may be, ought to be discussed between the crew and the employer. Not on the pprune rumor network.

28th Jan 2010, 09:22
The procedures are publically available anyway! I overfly frequently.

28th Jan 2010, 15:24
Been there recently, things seem to be much better than two or three years ago.

No classified information as long as you can get those on the web serching for Iraqi AIP...

Do not expect weird operations, there are two good runways and an ILS, ATC is done by Iraqi people and Americans, many Airliner fly there so far...
When i got there first time there was 4NM circle you have to stay in, and you overflew the VOR around level 140 descending in spiral.

Now things are much better....

Expect to be vectored and in Visual conditions keep your eyes open, many many VFR flight around the area, keep your lights off when in flight and ON when on ground. I didn't hear of weapons attack from ground in the last years but who knows??

I suggest you to ask for an ILS when you in contact with the approach frequency, in these condition would be very very difficult to get visual contact with the other airplanes...

Watch out for a Baloon sited north of airport, altitude of it varies...

Papi is not reliable, it shows you white,red,white,red,red,white,red,white,white,red :8

Since one year you will get your Sqwk when you get in the FIR, coming from North whit Balad Center and coming from West with Baghdad Approach previously you got it when you requested your permission and you had to put it entering the FIR, expect to have communication problems but be faithfull you will get your contact soon or later!!!:ok:.

Be aware with the fuel consumption, last portion of the flight is usually flown at low level since you enter the FIR ( around 150 nm to destination).

Handler's guys ( UAS ) are doing well and fuel is usually available, even if this f..cking war has been done for the Oil sometimes they could have some problem to provide it...so i suggest to get there with much fuel that you can.

No overnight so far, there is an hotel sited inside the airport ( ten containers connected each other ) but last time it took us three hours to get in due to many many check points you have to deal with...

Post me PM if you have questions...

Tekor Bali
30th Oct 2013, 11:40
Old discussion..but I would like to ask if anyone knows the current situation in Iraq, specifically in the airports of Baghdad and Erbil. It is still dangerous to go there? There are hotel safe inside the airport of Erbil? Insurance or special visas are required for the crews? Thank you

Empty Cruise
30th Oct 2013, 15:55
Went to Erbil recently - excellent ATC and facilities, city appears safe and well-organised.

Baghdad - last there in early 2004 :E Am very confident situation has improved since then....

Tekor Bali
30th Oct 2013, 16:42
Thank you EC!

30th Oct 2013, 22:07
Was at Erbil in 2012. Nice and modern Airport with the longest RWY in the Middle East. Erbil is a very rich city and considered the "other" Iraq where it is rather safe and you can see the wealth around and in the city. Expect security checkpoints on main roads but if you have a local guide no problems expected. Best hotel is the Rotana at Erbil. Same style and comfort like you would expect in Dubai for example. Enjoy!

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