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21st Jan 2010, 11:17
Can anyone tell me the scheduled departure and arrival times of Concorde flights BA001, BA002, BA003, BA004, AF001, and AF002 in/out of New York JFK in late 1977 and early 1978?

Please quote the source of the information.

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21st Jan 2010, 15:16
CONCORDE SST : DESTINATIONS (http://www.concordesst.com/history/destinations.html)

The question is whether this has changed much between 1978 and the year they went out of service. I don't think so but to be sure you could mail the webmaster of the site I linked to. I'm sure he knows.

21st Jan 2010, 15:54
Nearest I have is from an August 1980 ABC.

Note the BA Concorde flights were not BA1 etc then.


BA173 LHR 0930 JFK 0829. Daily but not operated in August
AF001 CDG 1100 JFK 0845. Daily
BA171 LHR 1115 JFK 1014. Daily

BA172 JFK 1015 LHR 1900. Daily but not operated in August.
BA170 JFK 1215 LHR 2100. Daily
AF002 JFK 1300 CDG 2245. Daily

Notable both the BA westbound flights were in the morning, the pattern of one morning one evening came later. Gentler times then, business travellers didn't do a day's work in London then fly to New York. Also the first BA flight has quite a short 1 hour 45 minute turnround. Originally each Concorde was intended to do two round trips a day on the route.

Tim Zukas
22nd Jan 2010, 21:36
7/77 ABC Part One:

BA 551 arr 1000 (to be ex-We eff 6 Oct; less frequent until then)
BA550 lv 1215 (to be ex-Th eff 6 Oct)

AF 1 arr 0830 daily
AF 2 lv 1030

5/78 ABC Part Two:

BA 171 arr 1000 daily
BA 170 lv 1215

BA 173 arr 1630 TuThSa eff 1 Jun
BA 172 lv 0915 WeFrSu eff 2 Jun

AF 1 arr 0845 daily
AF 2 lv 1300

AF 11 arr 1915 exTuWe eff 1 Jun
AF 12 lv 2130 exWeTh eff 2 Jun