View Full Version : Afap Sells Out Jetstar Again

21st Jan 2010, 10:08
Last EBA for Jetstar - AFAP sold out the membership!

This week at the FWA - AFAP sold out the pilots again

Laurie Cox and AFAP hang your head in shame.

21st Jan 2010, 10:26
I don't understand why you guys are so shocked. The AFAP office staff ran their colours up the flag pole long ago. They don't give two hoots about pilots' conditions and welfare. All they care about is feathering their own nest with our subs.
They would prefer to hang on to disgruntled members than to actually provide a decent service. If they put half as much energy fighting for their members' EBAs as they do simply fighting their members they might actually achieve some good.
This story just keeps coming up time and time again, with the same names, yet the old die hard, afap can never do any wrong supporters come out and tell us how the afap are the best thing for pilots in this country. Yer right, they've done a sterling job advancing the industry for the last 21 years.:D

21st Jan 2010, 11:13
I agree it was never about pilots , that was very clear

21st Jan 2010, 21:09
wow, sounds like the Rex EBA that got passed with very little gain from our friends the AFAP.

Its why I didnt renew my membership........

talking to a mate who works for Integral energy....... maybe we should join there union..... they seem to knw when to grab their balls and shout "No" (and there members/employee's stick together)

shame really this game called aviation

21st Jan 2010, 22:52
Rex should go to the TWU like national jet did. Years of AFAP doing nothing, they changed to the TWU and things started moving in the right direction. Rex should look at TWU instead.
AFAP have consistantly done nothing for anyone for years. That's why Virgin pilots started VIPA and that's why a majority of Jetstar are now with AIPA. These are unions that represent the worker. All AFAP do is stand next to management and do nothing when asked. It's all too hard. Most of the guys/girls in jetstar were in the regionals before and remember AFAP doing nuthn for them back then. That's why they went to AIPA and this week AFAP stood with management to promote against seniority.
AFAP will soon be a white elephant

23rd Jan 2010, 13:28
Those naive new junior airline pilots at TIGER are next...

Sadly the AFAP recruited almost 60% of the naive new F/Os....
Many who ran around claiming how impressed they were with the mighty AFAP, and spoke of the importance of being a member.....:D
Bend over boys........you now know whats next from your new union....


Study and Respect History:(:(

23rd Jan 2010, 22:26
that's why a majority of Jetstar are now with AIPA. These are unions that represent the worker.

I predict we will be just as dissapointed with Team Bazza:}TM as others now are with the AFAP.

What have Bazza and his group of A380 cohorts done to improve the lot of the "worker" since their grab for power?

A 6% pay rise for the elite on the mothership - no doubt compensation for the arduous conditions suffered there:rolleyes:


You watch what would happen to the new found love of Jet* pilots if AJ decided to paint a few of the sheltered workshops orange - I'll fly one for 1/2 what they get!

23rd Jan 2010, 22:52
I'll fly one for 1/2 what they get!
I'm sure AJ could find enough pilots to crew a couple of A380's on half of what you'd get, if you wanted to go down that road...

Dropt McGutz
24th Jan 2010, 04:28
AJ decided to paint a few of the sheltered workshops orange - I'll fly one for 1/2 what they get!
Well I guess that's part of the problem.

Shark Patrol
24th Jan 2010, 09:37
Pass-a-frozo musta finally cracked it for an airline job

Iron Bar
25th Jan 2010, 07:55
Jetstarpilot eh?

Will have to remember to ignore you next time in the terminal.
Oh, that's right, I already do :ok: and;

"I'll fly one for 1/2 what they get"

is why.

So "f$k you Jetstarpilot!"
Hmmm that would make a good bumper sticker.

BTW what's an old bloke photoshoped (sic) into an F16 mean? Qantas defence expanding perhaps? Sure you would fly that for half too.