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20th Jan 2010, 08:30
Hi All,

I worked for International Air Parts/Horizon Airlines in Australia operating HS748 freighters and passenger charter. When the airline went into administration the aircraft were cut up and sold for spare parts and scrap metal. I didn't get the chance to get a piece of memorabilia of the aircraft that are a particularly sentimental favourite of my family and I.

I am trying to locate some part of the aircraft that I can have made into a piece of memorabilia. Quite a few of the aircraft were ex Raaf training aircraft as well. If anyone knows where I can find something please let me know...


20th Jan 2010, 14:13
Try going onto Yahoo spotters SEN airport UK. There are a number in storage there and 2 x Janes aviation that were airworthy some time ago and are still resident on the main apron. I am sure that 1 X RAAF has been cut up in the last 6 months. Somebody might be able to help you?

20th Jan 2010, 22:33
I'm pretty sure the noise they made is still echoing around the Earth, decades later.


21st Jan 2010, 06:00
Thanks, yes they were noisy and rather slow but still a lovely old aircraft. If anyone else has any suggestions please post to let me know....


Fris B. Fairing
21st Jan 2010, 06:10

The hulk of VH-IMJ is used for fire & rescue training at RAAF Amberley.


21st Jan 2010, 06:44
Really? IMJ is still in Oz?? Thats fantastic!!!! Anyone know someone I can contact at Amberley?

23rd Jan 2010, 18:26

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