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20th Jan 2010, 07:43
The aircraft emergency frequency (also known as Guard) is a frequency used on the aircraft radio band reserved for emergency communications for aircraft in distress. The frequency 121.5 Mhz for civilian use also known as International Air Distress (AD), and 242.0 for military use, both are in use at the international level.

The importance of this distress frequency is highlighted at AIP GEN 3.6-8.2 where it states : "Pilots should monitor 121.5 Mhz before engine start and after shutdown.

Clearly to an intelligent pilot it is a deadly serious frequency and most Australian operators and certainly the majority of internationals have one VHF set permanently monitoring this frequency.

Definition: "Goon". stupid person. subhuman cartoon character. person hired by racketeerrs etc to terrorize workers.

Having got that one straight one wonders who was the stupid subhuman goon on 121.5 a few days ago that switched on his mobile phone music and played it over the air on 121.5. One clearly irate pilot ordered the culprit to get off the air saying it was a distress frequency. This was the catalyst for numerous other flying goons to join in with a playful chorus of "You're on Guard" obviously aimed at the pilot who complained.

Airline and general aviation pilots who may have been part of this idiotic behaviour should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Fortunately, the majority of pilots are professionals who would never stoop to such undisciplined and stupid acts. But there are still goons in cockpits who are probably the type that revel in mexican waves and shouting "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy.. Really intelligent brilliant stuff...

121.5 is an emergency frequency reserved for aircraft in distress. Respect it.

20th Jan 2010, 07:54
errrr... UHF distress freq is actually 243.0 MHz.


20th Jan 2010, 08:03
but but but.... I thought "Goons" worked in airport security?


20th Jan 2010, 08:15
The aircraft emergency frequency (also incorrectly known as Guard)

Fixed ....