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19th Jan 2010, 08:31

I don't remember ever hearing this directly from AIPA. A union for both Qantas and Jetstar, yet it seem's the union are telling more to Jetstar and congratulating them more, rather than talking to Qantas and telling them something they apparently know...

Quote from the AIPA website, Jetstar Insights Jan 13th 2010.

"On face value 2010 promises to be an altogether more pleasant year for Jetstar pilots than 2009, with news of many new A320 aircraft arriving on Australian soil over the next 12 months. New routes have been announced as well, all of which will of course result in recruitment and promotions across the board. Associated with this, however, is an expectation that Qantas Airways operations may contract somewhat and this is expected to have an impact on the careers and job security of a number of junior pilots across the Qantas Group."

Well, as a Qantas Pilot, and a union member, I don't recall being told this. And another point to note,

Quote from a quote:
"Security of a number of junior pilots across the Qantas GROUP."

Well Jetstar, you consider yourself part of this Qantas group that got you into the position you are in, into the market, gave you the capital, gave you the infrastructure, so I see it that you guys should be taking these hits as well. I don't see how just Qantas pilots should be made redundant when Jetstar is part of the GROUP and even the union says OUR (meaning Qantas AND Jetstar) security is at risk.

But no, you're part of the group when it suits, and a separate company when you talk yourselves up. If you want to be independant, then take the stupid sticker off the side of your plane claiming you're part of Qantas.

19th Jan 2010, 08:35
Perhaps you might like to raise this directly with your union, rather than create yet another thread on the topic.