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18th Jan 2010, 17:14
Has anyone got a photo that they could forward to me of this Hunter whilst it was in service? I am undertaking a clean up on this aircraft which is at present in a bad way at 2117sqdn at Kenfig Hill South Wales and need the colours it wore when active so as to cost up a repaint after the initial clean up which will be done by the cadets. Any info will be much appreciated. MMTIA Richard

Kieron Kirk
18th Jan 2010, 18:09
WT569 did not see squadron service. Was used as a trials a/c at HAL Dunsfold and AAEE Boscombe Down. Full power ailerons and later the first Hunter to be fitted with Bristol phenolic-asbestos 100 gallon drop tanks.

The a/c flew in standard camouflage scheme comprising an upper surface pattern of gloss Dark Green 641 and Dark Sea Grey 638. Underside in gloss Aluminium(silver).

"Archive Hawker Hunter Mk1-5" by Francis K Mason, date unknown features a photograph of WT569 on page 7, with drop tanks at Dunsfold.

Delivered to AAEE on 15th July 1954, tropical trials at Khartoum September 1954 and I think the drop tank trials took place during 1955-56. The a/c became 7491M at No.2 School of Technical Training, RAF Cosford on the 21st November 1957.

Best of luck and do keep us informed of progress.


6th Feb 2011, 18:08
Hi All

It has been a year since I enquired about this aircraft, but we are looking almost ready to start work on the rub down and repainting of the aircraft. We have been offered the paint supplies by a company called Akzo Nobel Aerospace coatings Ltd, who have allocated us a military consultant to give advice on what paint and tasks need to be carried out to obtain a great looking aircraft. We have our work cut out as the frame has some corrosion which will need to be repaired before the paint is applied, but we are hopeful of getting this sorted before the summer holidays when we plan to apply the paint.:D

7th Feb 2011, 00:07

Good luck with your most worthwhile project. It's good to see that you are approaching it in such a thorough way, all credit to you.

As you are asking for advice, I hope you won't mind my warning against the common mistake of painting the undersides Light Aircraft Grey, instead of the correct silver/aluminium, as mentioned by Kieron Kirk?

Light Aircraft Grey was introduced long after your Hunter's flying career was over. There are a few preserved early Hunters around, including one that used to be at Hendon, that are painted that way.

Just be careful of anyone producing the final version of the Hunter's Colour Scheme Chart (or whatever it's called) and trying to tell you that Grey is the colour.

Anorak off