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17th Jan 2010, 10:17
I was reading about the ill fated Ensign in a book about Armstrong Whitworth and in there it states how the Germans repaired two damaged Ensigns, re-engined them with D-B engines and put them into service.

Does anyone have any more info or even a picture of these aircraft with those engines?

17th Jan 2010, 11:05
In reading about the AW27 I believe one had to be abandoned at Le Bourget in 1940 after being damaged in bombing attack which injured the captain....
it was reported as repaired by the Germans and used as a staff transport with DB engines and in Norway.
I think it was in Flight archives sometime in the 1950's
No photo of it in German service so far.... perhaps others might help?

cvt person
17th Jan 2010, 11:12
The two Ensigns used by the Germans were 'Ettrick' abandoned at Le Bourget after bomb damage and ' Enterprise' that force landed in the desert near Dakar on a delivery flight. The later was put back in service by the Vichy French before being acquired by the Germans. Both were reputed to have been used as officer transport.

17th Jan 2010, 15:29
In his British Commercial Aircraft , published 2003 AWJG Ord-Hume states that ..
"It has been suggested elsewhere that two were captured by the Germans and flew after re-engining with Daimler Benz motors. This is incorrect. D-ADSX was left at le Bourget and destroyed to avoid enemy use. G-ADSV, also left behind was taken over by the French as F-BAHD. When Germany over-ran Vichy France in 1942, Lufthansa successfully applied for the Wright Cyclone engines in order to keep its DC-3 fleet operating. The engineless airframe was later scrapped."

But this itself is incorrect in respect of DSV, which was not "left behind" but as cvt person has stated, it force landed in North Africa.

cvt person
17th Jan 2010, 16:19
The best source that I know of are a pair of articles by Peter W Moss published in Flight on February 15th and 22nd 1957. For a primary source of information I would recommend The Midland Air Museum where there are some A/W experts.

3rd Feb 2010, 22:56
The correct information is:
G-ADSX Ettrick destroyed Le Bourget.,Paris, June 1940 (incapable of being repaired by the Germans)

G-ADSZ Elysian destroyed Merville France 23 May 1940

G-AFZV force landed Nouakchott , Vichy French West Africa 1942, repaired, ferried back to France, wore F-AFZV , then F-BAMD, engines removed for Germany, airframe scrapped 1943

The Peter Moss articles in Flight 1957 are excellent reading but have errors