View Full Version : New Airline - Mid West Ireland

12th Jul 2001, 14:40
In this month's Airline Business there is an advert for management staff for a 'Mid West Ireland based, dynamic new regional airline which will implement its strong growth plan by commencing services to major centres in the UK and mainland Europe'.

Anyone know anything about it?

12th Jul 2001, 18:37
I heard talk of this company a couple of months back - apparently based in Shannon - flying to UK and Europe - with fleet of Dornier 328 Jets - possibly backed by Air Contractors !

12th Jul 2001, 20:24
Is this that comedians airline everyone was talking about around 2 yrs ago or is it Freshaer?

13th Jul 2001, 00:17
Or even confusing it with MidWest Airlines that is planning to fly TO Ireland from the UK using Dornier......