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14th Jan 2010, 19:40
'Airline Oscar' goes to Air NZ

Updated 8:44 AM Friday Jan 15, 2010


Air New Zealand has been named in a prestigious industry publication as Airline of the Year and will give its 11,000 staff an extra day off as a reward.
Air Transport World said Air New Zealand was being recognised for its commitment to safety and operational performance and superb customer service that combined passenger-friendly IT systems with caring staff.
The judges also commended the airline for the way in which it has weathered one of the worst downturns in aviation history and its leadership role in the industry.
Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe said an extra day's leave this year was an appropriate way of celebrating the award within the airline.
"It's about our employees but also everyone else connected with Air New Zealand so let's give everyone a day to spend with their families. That's a humble way that we can give something to our people without big noting."
Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism John Key congratulated Air New Zealand on the award. "This is a great honour but, then again, no great surprise to those of us who continually experience the service that our national airline delivers," he said.

Mr Key praised the airline's ingenuity and "commitment to a more environmentally responsible future", but said it was the staff who made the real difference.
The ATW award was determined by three judges with decades of experience, one from Australia and two from the United States and differ from the Skytrax awards which are voted on by passengers.
The ATW awards have been running since 1974 and this is the first time Air New Zealand has won the top prize.
"This is the Oscars, this is the one that everybody focuses on. This is the representation of what the industry thinks of itself," Fyfe said.
The award also vindicated the airline's emphasis on making the most of its Kiwi style. "We operate this airline in a New Zealand way - we're not trying to emulate a Singapore Airlines or emulate a McDonald's. We're trying to go out there day in and day out and trying to be authentic Kiwis and give people a real genuine New Zealand experience." Air New Zealand won an ATW Phoenix award in 2005 in recognition of its recovery following its near collapse in 2001 which required an $885 million taxpayer bailout. "I think it's the best award Air New Zealand has won in its history. The challenge now is to stay here."
Fyfe said the arrival of new aircraft and unveiling of new long-haul aircraft interiors would make for a big year. Although business conditions were still difficult, there were signs they had turned the corner.
"We can see things improving. It's still going to be tough, the biggest issue we've got is the fuel price which is rocking around all over the place." Bookings were also being made much later than they used to, reflecting lingering economic uncertainty.
For the year to June 30, 2009, Air New Zealand reported a 26 per cent fall in full-year normalised earnings before tax of $145 million, while bottom-line net profit was down 90 per cent to $21 million. Shares in Air New Zealand closed at $1.17 yesterday.

14th Jan 2010, 21:04
Here's how ATW announced it . . . and also good news for REX.


NEW YORK, NY (January 14, 2010) – Penton Media’s Air Transport World®, the leading monthly magazine covering the global airline industry, today announced the selection of Air New Zealand as its Airline of the Year for 2010. The Auckland, N.Z.-based carrier is being honored for its superb commitment to safety and operational excellence, typified by the use of Performance Based Navigation cockpit technology at weather and terrain challenged destinations, and for its superb and groundbreaking customer service that combines high-tech, passenger-friendly IT systems with high-touch and caring staff.

The editors further cited Air New Zealand's sterling financial performance and fiscal management during one of the most turbulent periods in aviation history. They also were strongly impressed with the airline's leadership role in addressing environmental challenges facing the industry, including conducting the world's first sustainable biofuel flight.

Sydney, Australia-based Regional Express was named Regional Airline of the Year. Rex, as it is known locally, is recognized for its superior safety record and operational excellence, demonstrated by outstanding punctuality and flight completion. The editors also applauded the "Rex Virtuous Cycle" model in which Rex competes against itself by adding capacity as load factors rise, causing fares to fall. As a result, enplanements have doubled over the past five years, while airfares have dropped 30%, excluding fuel levies; and it earns consistently high marks in consumer polls. Rex's strategy rewards shareholders, too: It has been profitable for the last six years.

In a rare joint award, Honeywell Aerospace and Rockwell Collins were selected for the Aviation Technology Achievement Award to recognize their advanced cockpit weather radars. These systems are playing a vital role in improving safety of flight, reducing turbulence-related injuries and boosting operational efficiency. "Competition drives innovation and technological advancement. As Rockwell Collins and Honeywell Aerospace have sought to leapfrog each other in weather radar technology, the beneficiaries have been flight crews and the flying public," ATW Editorial Director Perry Flint said.

The Joseph S. Murphy Industry Service Award, named for the founder of ATW, went to the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, a US-based cooperative effort launched in 2006 by airlines, airports, manufacturers and the Federal Aviation Administration to guide the development and deployment of alternative fuels for air transport. CAAFI has since added approximately 300 members around the world. CAAFI's efforts helped lead to approval of a new specification for alternative jet fuel that should pave the way for near-term approval of sustainable plant-based biofuels.

Riga, Latvia-based airBaltic was selected for the Phoenix Award, which recognizes airlines that have gone through a life-changing transformation. The editors cited airBaltic's successful decision to change its business strategy from a focus on point-to-point traffic in favor of a network model making Riga a connecting hub between East and West. Since making the transition, airBaltic has experienced significant improvements in traffic and financial performance, including a 33% rise in passengers at its home airport in the first nine months of 2009.

Orlando, Fla.-based AirTran Airways received the Airline Market Leadership Award. The editors recognized the carrier's innovative blending of the traditional low-fare model with service amenities not typical of budget airlines, including a business class cabin and free XM Satellite Radio. The editors further cited AirTran's leadership role in becoming the first major airline to offer Wi-Fi on every flight through its partnership with Aircell. AirTran is also a market leader in terms of operational performance, as measured by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

The awards will be presented on February 1 in Singapore at ATW's gala dinner and celebration at the Swissotel-The Stamford. Click here for information on attending.

Further information about the award winners is available in the February issue of ATW.

Air Transport World (Air Transport World's ATWOnline: Powering Airline Industry Information (http://www.ATWOnline.com)) is the leading monthly magazine serving the airline and commercial aircraft manufacturing and support industries. It launched its awards program in 1974. ATW is published by Penton Media.

Penton Media, Inc. is the largest independent business-to-business media company in the U.S., serving more than six million business professionals every month. The company's market-leading brands are focused on 30 industries and include 113 trade magazines, 145 websites, 150 industry trade shows and conferences, and more than 500 information data products. Headquartered in New York City, the privately held company is owned by MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP, and its co-investors. For additional information on the company and its businesses, visit Penton Media, Inc. (http://www.penton.com).

dragon man
14th Jan 2010, 22:49
Well done Air NZ and all its staff, you should be very proud of this. Would love to think it could be Qantas one day but i cant see that happening with the management we have and if it did the staff reward would be $100 each while the senior management would have their snouts deeply in the trough for obscene sums of money. I think ive been in Qantas to long, im cynical.

21st Oct 2010, 01:06
Air NZ boss CEO of the year

1:38 PM Thursday Oct 21, 2010

Air New Zealand's chief executive Rob Fyfe was named chief executive of the year at the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) awards in Singapore last night.
Emirates was named airline of the year.
The awards were part of this year's seventh annual Asia Aviation Outlook summit.
"Our executive of the year has been a tireless advocate for innovation and customer orientation - two hallmarks of Air New Zealand's recent success.
"For a small airline at the end of extremely long thin routes, the carrier has performed remarkably in the past two difficult years," CAPA executive chairman Peter Harbison said.
Extraordinary marketing initiatives and remarkable products such as the new long haul economy seating were testimony to Mr Fyfe's willingness to "have a go", he said.
"It is hard to conceive of another airline chief executive who would have been prepared to bare all, as he did, in last year's promotion to illustrate Air New Zealand's no-hidden-costs.
"And, with a similarly creative network strategy, the airline is well positioned to benefit from the upswing in mainland and SAR aviation markets and the vast opportunities presented in North Asia and beyond in the coming years."


Jack Ranga
21st Oct 2010, 21:49
It's hard to fault the in-flight serivce of ANZ. If that's a reflection of the airline on a whole then well done :ok:

stubby jumbo
21st Oct 2010, 22:18
No surprise to read that Air NZ score best ATW airline and in another award best CEO. The 2 are like hand in glove.

Fyfe is an enigma.

Chatting to staff at Airports here and around who work for Air NZ....they speak highly of him and management.
"They treat us with respect.....and still maintain their tough stand on running a tight business".

What a simple formula!:ugh:

Too bad the chumps running the Rat "management team" don't get it.

We have management by fear and loathing with no innovation or smart /funky ideas ....appealing to a new generation.

Its just keep pushing,cost cutting, and screw the staff-1960's style management practices.

Take a Bow..... Air NZ:D

Gas Bags
25th Oct 2010, 14:15
Oh Stubby, I dont think you would be saying that if you were on the same salary as a counterpart at ANZ......

9th Jan 2012, 21:27
Air New Zealand named world's top airline

10:32 AM Tuesday Jan 10, 2012
http://media.nzherald.co.nz/webcontent/image/jpg/20122/AirNZ_jumbo_profilePE_460x230.jpg (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10777776#)
ATW gave the New Zealand airline top honours in its annual awards.

A global airline industry magazine has named Air New Zealand the world's top airline for the second time in three years.
The United States-based Air Transport World (ATW) gave the New Zealand airline top honours in its annual awards, which have been running for nearly 40 years, picking it as the best airline in the world in the past 12 months.
The judges described Air New Zealand as an industry trendsetter in a number of areas, including product innovation and social media, and praised it for its staff motivation.
The airline was also commended for its efforts in helping communities affected by the Christchurch earthquakes.
Air New Zealand also won the airline of the year award in 2010, and chief executive Rob Fyfe said another win was a huge thrill.
"Winning ATW Airline of the Year in 2010 was, in my view, one of the greatest accolades that had ever been bestowed on Air New Zealand - in our industry it's equivalent to winning an Oscar. To pick up the award again this year is simply outstanding."

Fyfe will accept the award at a ceremony in Singapore on February 13.
Other recent recipients of the airline of the year include Dubai-based carrier Emirates last year, and Korean airline Asiana in 2009.
Prime Minister John Key, who is also Tourism Minister, congratulated the airline, saying the award was an acknowledgement of the hard work staff and management had put into the company.
"Air New Zealand is a vital part of our tourism infrastructure. Often, the first experience incoming visitors have of New Zealand is with the national carrier, and those first impressions count."
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) chief executive Tim Cossar said it was an exceptional achievement for the airline to win the award twice in three years.
"It also highlights to New Zealanders the innovation and quality of our multibillion-dollar tourism industry," he said.

Capt Kremin
9th Jan 2012, 22:00
...... and on the other side of the ditch....

Australia's biggest PR disasters of 2011: Qantas makes top 5 three times; Kyle Sandilands ranks 8 - Campaign Brief (http://www.campaignbrief.com/2012/01/australias-biggest-pr-disaster.html)

...sigh... :(

9th Jan 2012, 22:21
It's all just so....



10th Jan 2012, 00:09
Wow MT. For a 24 year old you sure do know a lot.

10th Jan 2012, 04:43
Wow MT. For a 24 year old you sure do know a lot.

Actually MT knows s**t all.

ANZ is a tax payer owned and subsidized basket case Taxpayer owned, Yes; subsidized, No; basket case, I don't think so.

He is so nice, oh he respects us! Easy when you have Treasury paying the bills No, Treasury don't pay the bills.

In fact M.T. Air NZ have paid large sums in dividends to the taxpayer, this hardly fits with your view of things.

10th Jan 2012, 04:59
However they did go bankrupt and then nationalised. Kinda hard to compete against that.

ATW awards are just passed around between airlines really. Its just a BS marketing stunt. It is amusing that people on here hammer Geoffry Thomas yet want to take his magazines awards seriously......think about it folks.

10th Jan 2012, 05:20
However they did go bankrupt Well that might be a surprise to some people.

From Wikipedia: Bankruptcy is a legal status of an insolvent person or an organisation, that is, one that cannot repay the debts owed to creditors. In most jurisdictions bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor.

True the debacle with Ansett nearly dragged Air New Zealand down but they were never declared bankrupt and as far as I know paid all of their bills.

What happened in 2001 occurred with a good deal of help from Australian interests.

Anyway this is getting a fair way off topic. I'm sure Air New Zealand isn't the perfect place to work nor would every Air New Zealand employee consider Rob Fyfe to walk on water, however it does seem that most Air NZ employees have a good attitude to Air NZ and the current CEO, as do the travelling public, something that sadly cannot be said for Australia's flag carrier at the moment.

10th Jan 2012, 07:29
http://th293.photobucket.com/albums/mm63/f1andm1/th_l_ae87bfd5e0f1c3f82d63e5477470825c.gif (http://media.photobucket.com/image/green%20eyed%20monster/f1andm1/l_ae87bfd5e0f1c3f82d63e5477470825c.gif?o=73)

10th Jan 2012, 08:24
Im sure you sensed my sarcasm

You're a bit unstable mate.

Top of Descent
10th Jan 2012, 11:44
You're a bit unstable mate.:D

And hasn't been around long enough to make an 'informed' comment ...

10th Jan 2012, 21:38
Air New Zealand have actively and very thoroughly courted GT for many years.
In many, many ways.
It is little surprise he has awarded them airline of the year yet again.
And like fools - the media lap it all up.
NZ have done well on improving customer service - I'll give them that.
But as to little Robbie Fyfe being head hunted by Apple or GE - I am assuming that is some kind of lame attempt at a sick joke?
It takes a lot more than being a gold-plated, A-1, grand-standing narcissist to run organisations of that calibre.
Jobs may have been narcissistic - but he was also an expert in his field.
Robbie Fyfe versus someone like Tim Cook or Jeff Immelt?
No contest - at all.

10th Jan 2012, 22:04
Fyfe's a PR pratt masquerading as a CEO. Giving every staff member an extra day's paid leave?! Definitely an A-1 grandstander.

MT is basically correct: Without the government bailout, AirNZ would have gone bankrupt (or, more accurately, gone into liquidation, liquidation being the term used for a bankrupt company).

10th Jan 2012, 22:16
I think you'll also find that the person likely to be Fyfe's successor has a lot more depth in managing people - and is the real deal - despite being a very tough operator...

Sand dune Sam
11th Jan 2012, 00:04
Guess some good had to come out of the Ansett collapse didnt it?:ugh::yuk::mad:,,Choice Bro!:mad:

11th Jan 2012, 03:26
Just point out the factual errors chaps...

Your factual errors have been pointed out. Just for your benefit I'll refresh your memory

You say "ANZ is a tax payer owned and subsidized basket case."

Show me the evidence that it is subsidised and show me the evidence it is a basket case. There are no subsidies. As for being a basket case very few airlines have come through the GFC as well as Air NZ did.

You say "He is so nice, oh he respects us! Easy when you have Treasury paying the bills".

Show me where treasury is paying the bills. Air NZ actually pays a dividend to the taxpayer.

Sensitive about your tax payer funded icon huh? Oh you mean taxpayer funded like GMH and Ford Australia. Local car industry makes less sense than ever (http://www.theage.com.au/business/local-car-industry-makes-less-sense-than-ever-20120109-1prns.html)

Yep, picked up on your sarcasm, it was a good line to use so I did.

11th Jan 2012, 04:22
AirNZ and Qantas, for some stupid reason, have always been regarded as "too big to fail". But they're not. All they do is move people and freight from point A to point B. There are plenty of others who can do that.

Let's apply some good old-fashioned 1970s socialist regulation: NZ becomes a state, just like Tassy; Qantas absorbs AirNZ, and changes its name to Air Australia.

11th Jan 2012, 22:55
How bout Air NZ absorbs Qantas ..... :E

12th Jan 2012, 01:10
Too late Slamer. It's already being absorbed by Jetstar

13th Jan 2012, 12:49
Mr CS,

I think you nailed it...

13th Jan 2012, 19:45
Come on guys, go easy on MT. He is probably still a little upset after his dad lost his job at Ansett as a flight engineer on the 767 and the family had to sell his pony.

I dont really know how much stock the industry really puts into this ATW award. However it is obvious that share price performance is'nt one of the criteria. However you have to give ANZ some credit for winning this award against some of these huge oufits with deep pockets. ANZ has used its domestic monopoly to fund market leading innovations to its international product allowing them to go out and lose $1mill a week.........oh, wait, what?
But they have the largest black commercial aircraft in the world (care factor: zero)
As for the bailout, from memory most of the bailout package was in the form of gaurantees, not in actual cash. So in reality the NZ tax payer picked up a 50% share in a company for bugger all cash upfront. (now all they need is for the share price to improve)
Fyfe is like any CEO, his success is largely down to the staff on the coal face. What he has done right is created a culture that allows staff to beleive they are all a critical part of the airline by sending them on touchy, feely courses like "realise your potential" (Thats 2 days of my life im never getting back)
Im a bit indifferent to Rob but he has kept 11,000 people employed through a pretty tough period which is better than alot have managed. got to give credit where credit is due I guess.

14th Jan 2012, 11:59
You may have missed the difference between management and leadership: lots of CEOs can do management (learnable), fewer can do leadership (mixture of learnable and inherent); few can do both. I saw Fyfe's leadership when he was in charge of the maintenance flight of No 75 Sqn (RNZAF) and have seen his management where he is now. Both situations have evidenced (I hate to type this) an "engaged" workforce.

14th Jan 2012, 15:09
Fyfe is like any CEO, his success is largely down to the staff on the coal face.yeah, I agree, ANZ has a happy vibe about it, no doubt about it... this safety video is really quite clever (for those who haven't seen it)..... sends out all the right messages, it works, connects people, (something the current Qantas group managers don't seem to have a clue about.) I believe everyone watching will get a bit of a chuckle out of it at one point or another..

Fyfe is doing something right, ANZ has a good vibe, good on him..:ok:



14th Jan 2012, 20:51
I have several friends in Air NZ and they all speak highly of him. They're not just indeifferent like in most companies, they like him and they like Air NZ. They feel like they are a part of something. I personally feel like he is over the top but I have to admit his style appears to work. He has created a certain 'unity' within Air NZ.
He definately displays 'leadership' as opposed to the 'management' shown in most CEO roles now days.

16th Jan 2012, 03:43
Yes Cribble - and there are others ex RNZAF who will tell you about the bloke who never used to drink with the rest of the boys.
About how he was a flash git then, and still is now.
Leader - my arse.
Customer service - tick.
Marketing - tick.
But current share-price?
Current return on investment? (yes - the tired old dividends to the Govt story is always trotted out).
Economic multiplier of $800 million invested somewhere else in the NZ economy as opposed to Air NZ? - Oh, sorry, tourism is NZ's biggest industry - of course. Despite the fact most international visitors go there once in a lifetime.
What was the promise - one new route a year?
China - no brainer, Vancouver - hardly qualifies as a new route - been done before.
And ah - network profitability by route????!!!
Look deeper than the surface - please.