View Full Version : Any idea what this is?

8th Jan 2010, 17:27

Any clues as to what this selector panel may have been used for greatly appreciated. From an engineering station in an ATC unit perhaps? Runways suggest an airfield west of London.

8th Jan 2010, 17:34
All I see is a little square with a red cross in it....

8th Jan 2010, 17:37
Sorry about that HD - should be visible now.

8th Jan 2010, 20:45
I'll have a guess that it's either an old status indicator panel or group of selector switches for equipment at Heathrow:-

Runway 27 Left UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply - possibly for the runway lighting)
Runway 27 Right UPS ( As above)
Then same again for Runways 09 Left and Right
Not sure about third down on the left, but third down on the right (HRDF) could be High Resolution Direction Finder ?
IRVR South and North (Instrumented Runway Visual Range)
ILS (STH) and (NTH) CAT CHANGE - Switches between ILS Category I and Category II/III ?
27L/09R FFM and 27R/09L FFM - Far Field Monitor. (Monitors the integrity of the ILS signals for Category II/III).

When HD returns he'll probably give a much better explanation.

9th Jan 2010, 11:12
Thanks spekesoftly. I'm told that 3L was missing and the switch in it's place was scavenged from another unit - makes sense that it doesn't 'fit'.

Who would have used this and where would it have been located?

Many Thanks.