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1st Jan 2010, 22:32
Reports suggest an ex Monarch laureate to takeover the mantle at Virgin blue.

Does her name ,Liz Savage,as quoted in the media, closely resemble her work rhetoric? ''She achieved great cost cutting at both easyJet and Monarch'' so goes the article.
How innovative.

If she was so good why has she been changing employers like her knickers? Or is an ever-changing work history ok for a certain few, but for the rest of us the same pattern of changing employers shows lack of commitment/ stability or whatever the term that they use, the supposed HR knowhow's?

The low cost model prides itself on cheap fares, only forgetting to disclose a little fact that the only way cheap fares are available is by having the staff subsidise the plebeians right to air travel (and the boards bonuses).

2nd Jan 2010, 00:59
Liz will take over as Chief Commercial Officer in March, not CEO


2nd Jan 2010, 06:45
Well if she is coming to VB to trim it of excess fat the I feel for the staff. How do you streamline an operation that is already skin and bones in a lot of operational areas?

Enema Bandit's Dad
2nd Jan 2010, 08:08
Geoff Dixon could probably answer that. :hmm:

2nd Jan 2010, 08:59
Harrison? I don't think so. For one you couldn't afford him, two it would be a big step backwards from a company the size of EZY and three he wants to go to a FTSE 100 company which is a step up. VB is small fry compared to European operators.

2nd Jan 2010, 09:00
Dear MODERATOR, by moving this thread from the ''outside'' where we could have been perhaps enlightened with first hand knowledge, I suppose you forgot what will happen to it in the hands of the dununda brigade.
If you could return it to where it was originally posted, I would be very much obliged. Thank you.

A. Harrison-great man, he addressed issues that crew were unable to get from the previous postholder, an antipodean with a similar predisposition to that of the current incumbent. I can't see BG, organising roadshows, whilst wearing a cabin crew uniform and listening to people from across the business. He put pen to paper and listened.
He addressed the issues pertaining to flight crew fatigue and approved a roster for maximum crew utilisation whilst addressing fatigue at the same time. It can be done, without aircraft changes, lengthy waits at out-ports in delapated crew rooms and exit rows for positioning crews.Thats right exit rows not just for any crew traveling but especially crew that need to operate straight after a trans-continental duty positioning!

He's downfall was that he wanted to expand at a rate similar to the one that caused the credit crunch, for which the majority shareholder, Stelios, warned of even before anyone even contemplated it, and its risks, and opted for a slower expansion instead. Unlike BG's rhetoric.He was mocked in the media, but not for long, as the same financial editors instead focussed on what they know best- rearview commentary.

Mr. Hat
2nd Jan 2010, 09:29
Monarch? Didn't some pom bookmaker have them at the top of the list for bankruptcy? Sounds like some European operators did get fried after all.

2nd Jan 2010, 11:03
Yeah thats right and he had Qantas at 20 to 1 to go bankrupt too.

2nd Jan 2010, 15:05
and he wasn't far off, had the private debt deal gone through we would now have a Government owned carrier again...:}

2nd Jan 2010, 17:40
Harrison.....good luck to you all.

2nd Jan 2010, 21:08

I'm sure our Irish friends will be chuffed to bits to hear you refer to Paddy Power bookmakers as a "Pom bookmaker"! Easy mistake for a Kiwi..... sorry , Aussie! :}

Mr. Hat
2nd Jan 2010, 22:13
No worries AEUENG - our equivalent i suppose is convict!

Slight thread drift but why did old mate give them a 4:1 chance of going bankrupt?