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23rd Dec 2009, 00:00
"Qantas has been awarded with a series of broker upgrades, following yesterday's revised profit guidance.

Merrill Lynch upped the target price on the stock to 3 dollars, from $2.85.
Credit Suisse added 25 cents to its target to $3.50.
And JP Morgan, one of the more bullish brokers, raised its forecast to $3.33 from $3.02.

These upgrades came after the airline said first half profits would likely be better than previously expected, thanks to an increase in the number of passengers flying."


Telstra BigPond News and Weather (http://bigpondnews.com/articles/Finance/2009/12/22/Qantas_rewarded_with_broker_upgrades_409546.html)

23rd Dec 2009, 04:48
Great if it happens you might break even but only if you been holding on since 1999... :hmm: