View Full Version : Headset for 738 - TBone / ANR?

17th Dec 2009, 17:43
Good day folks, I'm looking for a replacement for our company provided non-ANR standard headsets. I've stumpled upon the TBone in-ears and found 'em to be very interesting (especially since theyre having a sale at the moment :ok:), at least from the information provided on their web site. Unfortunately though I couldn't find very many reviews of it comparing it to a decent ANR pair of cans. Does anyone of you have any experience with them or can otherwise recommend an ANR headset for the 738? I've read somewhere that the readability of the bone conduction pickup isn' too great - still I find the concept great especially during the (hopefully rare) emergencies.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Comfort is an important factor, 14 hour duty periods aren't rare, we fly legs from anything between 30 minutes and 5 hours...

17th Dec 2009, 18:29
Telex 850..

17th Dec 2009, 18:47
I have had both

I use the 850 every time now

extreme P
18th Dec 2009, 01:54

FCS Explorer
18th Dec 2009, 08:59