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13th Dec 2009, 23:57
A320 Arriving very soon for Sky West to operate Xmas, Cocos, Singapore starting March :ok:

14th Dec 2009, 00:41
That's what VB are saying too!

14th Dec 2009, 04:42
Apparently their ******* site says they will operate some east coast service (again) as well?

14th Dec 2009, 06:32
Anyone know if these A320's will be conducting mining contract runs, for example Cloudbreak?

14th Dec 2009, 07:15
Well, I guess it might be true..It says so on their twwitter page.

14th Dec 2009, 10:39
How many guys at Skywest with Airbus FBW experience ? ( an honest question )

14th Dec 2009, 10:50
One. They did employ an ex KA guy to head up A320 ops last time it was meant to happen. But he got sacked as part of cost cutting.

14th Dec 2009, 11:03
July 5 they (XR) are saying delivery of A320 with some contract support from FMG and plans for some international routes...

Airlines boost fleets for next rescources boom
December 14, 2009, 5:39 am
Buzz up!

WAN / Sandie Bertrand
Perth Airport is bracing for a rapid build up in aircraft to support the rebounding resources industry with commitments in the past week for 10 more planes.

Cobham Aviation will add five planes to support Chevron's giant Gorgon project on Barrow Island, Skywest Airlines is adding another three to bring its fleet to 19 and Alliance Airlines is adding two.

The $170 million Chevron contract has special environment conditions requiring the quarantining of passengers and the reconfiguring of aircraft to ensure no exotic insects are allowed on to the island. For the life of the contract, the planes are only able to fly for Chevron to Barrow Island.
Cobham is importing two 100-seat Avro RJ100s and will also use three 85-seat BAe146 aircraft for the contract, which will bring its fleet in Perth to 12 planes. The first RJ100 arrives in Adelaide in January for fit-out and will start operating from Perth in April.

Skywest Airlines has confirmed to _The West Australian _that it will take delivery of its eighth 46-seat Fokker 50 this week and has just committed to its 10th 100-seat Fokker 100 jet to support resources contracts.
At the same time, the airline has confirmed that its first 180-seat Airbus A320 will arrive on July 5 next year to support resources contracts.

Insiders at the airline say that this plane will be the first of an initial four, probably over 18 months, and will also enable the airline to launch services from Perth to Bali.
Skywest's fleet size - measured by seats - has trebled in the past 30 months to support the resources boom.

But Skywest Airlines and Cobham, the biggest operators of fly-in, fly-out charters, face fierce competition from Network Aviation, Skippers Aviation and Maroomba Airlines, as well as Brisbane-based Alliance Airlines and Strategic Airlines.
Alliance Airlines will add another 100-seat Fokker 100 this month and a fifth early next year to "support contracts in the pipeline," according to the airline's WA general manager Russell Bryant.

Strategic has taken over the failed OZjet's three-times-weekly Perth-Derby service and is expected to add another A320 to its Perth-based fleet next year.

Capn Bloggs
14th Dec 2009, 13:07
Perth Airport is bracing for a rapid build up in aircraft to support the rebounding resources industry with commitments in the past week for 10 more planes.
And WAC had better have a rapid buildup of it's parallel runway, otherwise the rapid aircraft buildup will be coming and going from YPPH very slowly.:{

15th Dec 2009, 01:36

You are spot on with that statement. I couldnt agree more..... Unfortunetely, we are both dreaming that WAC will build a parrallel runway anytime soon!

The build up of aircraft will be coming and going, very slowly indeed!

K ex.

Erin Brockovich
15th Dec 2009, 01:54
So no mention of the parrallel runway in the 2017 master plan?

Something's going to have to give by then

15th Dec 2009, 03:38
Perth Bali with the A320...... well thats a great business plan up against jettart VB GA and Air Asia.....great business plan why not go to Singers as well there are only 5 or six services a day on that route already.....do they think they are going to reinvent the wheel or somthing.
And when it comes to the runway situation in Per better use of the 2 they have would be a good idea before chuking another one into the mix!

15th Dec 2009, 09:01
I think the fantastic thing for XR is that they have contract support for use of the aircraft and this will reduce the reliance on the need to be running a profitable operation from day one if they do to decide to go to DPS or SIN...

15th Dec 2009, 10:12
its first 180-seat Airbus A320

180 seats, that should be cosy :rolleyes:

15th Dec 2009, 17:43
It's a sign of the times I'm afraid.

Thats the standard config. for the little buggers in Europe.:sad:

16th Dec 2009, 00:04
Guess they won't be using Luc Longley for that advertising campaign:}

Shot Nancy
16th Dec 2009, 00:04
180 seats on an A320 single class config is ok. 30 rows of seats. I can't quote seat pitch but some airlines play with it by installing coat closets, modifying the galleys, installing larger seats etc and reduce the coach class pitch accordingly.
Isn't the 180 single class config the same as Jet*?
As an aside who will be the first 10 pilots to crew it? mmm.
I wish them all the best.

16th Dec 2009, 02:31
I think Jet* is 177, but Skywest have always prided themselves on their service/ seat pitch ?? guess not anymore .

16th Dec 2009, 13:20
180 seats is generally 29" in front of the over-wing exits and 28" behind the over-wing exits, assuming the rear toilets are forward of Doors 2.

177 on Jetstar (Australia-based 320s) is 30" due to 1 x rear lav placed where half the rear galley goes. This means one less row rear of the overwing exits compared to above configuration. In this config around seven rows forward of the over-wing exits on the DEF side are 29", to accommodate the forward bulkhead (which is galley side only).

17th Dec 2009, 08:18
Looks like the east coast run is KGI-MEL with a F100... again...

17th Dec 2009, 15:11

Ok if you are from Asia... if not.... What was that Suzuki add years ago?????

"Not so squeezy!!!!"


oil additive
18th Dec 2009, 04:11
I believe the add was for a Mitsubishi Canter :ok:

As for the whole A320 thing... I'll believe when I see it :eek:

18th Dec 2009, 06:16
Good luck to the guys and gals there; they have been waiting a long time! First mention of it happening on this rumour network was Sept 04

I too will believe it when I see it!


18th Dec 2009, 10:45
Have no doubt...this will happen. I also remember a few naysayers on this forum when they started flying to Broome with their first F100 in 2003 that it wouldn't last, now they have 10.

18th Dec 2009, 12:02
I'd like to share your confidence in the matter Topend. I really would!
I wouldn't call myself a 'naysayer' just cautiously optimistic with a hint of skepticism for the guys and gals at skywest.

Hedging, Financing and other Operational Matters - London Stock Exchange (http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-news/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=10317017)

A quote from that release (the fat controller??): -

It has been brought to the attention of the Company that a media report that appeared in the West Australian on 14 December 2009 suggested that the Company had formally committed to certain additional aircraft. This media suggestion is incorrect, at this time no formal commitments have been made. It is the case that several candidate aircraft for expansion purposes are under consideration....And the relevant article...

Airlines boost fleets for next rescources boom - The West Australian (http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/6582029/airlines-boost-fleets-for-next-rescources-boom/)

18th Dec 2009, 14:04
Unfortunately I can't see the Skywest crew operating the 320 for a very long time. They will come crewed as they will require experience for a start up on the 320 and the numbers will not be large enough to warrant a career progression initially. The first few years will be captain and captain with a few FO's.

But then again I could be wrong.

18th Dec 2009, 15:30
I disagree regarding the crewing of any A320 aircraft (IF it shows up), I was involved heavily in the introduction and training on the F100 between March 2003 and the beginning of 2007 and the XR crews were well capable of transition on to the F100 with a few exceptions. They now have a considerable amount of jet training and operational experience in house. Of course they will need some Airbus expertise in the start up. The biggest headache will be the backfilling onto the F50 and F100.

Good on them, only wished they'd got 757s or 767s as I'd be back in a flash as its bloody cold here!

19th Dec 2009, 00:23
Well yes, BRM in the F100 worked, however KGI-MEL did not, and we have been waiting for the A320 for nearly 5 years, so a 33% strike rate :}

I think you will find CASA will insist on FBW experienced pilots as they did with Jetstar, and the 717 was more similar by a country mile than the F100, technology wise.

19th Dec 2009, 02:25
Well yes, BRM in the F100 worked, however KGI-MEL did not, and we have been waiting for the A320 for nearly 5 years, so a 33% strike rate

such intelligent rationale...:rolleyes:

19th Dec 2009, 04:56
Which will come first the A320 or on time arrival and departure out Learmonth for the Tuesday flight back to Perth?

20th Dec 2009, 06:21
Which will come first the A320 or on time arrival and departure out Learmonth for the Tuesday flight back to Perth?

...or TE3 admitting he's HDs love child :eek:

such intelligent rationale

Grow up TE3, just admit that a few times in the last 5 years your precious Skypest have talked the talk but not always walked the walk. :suspect:

drop bear ten
21st Dec 2009, 02:59
Qote "I was involved heavily in the introduction and training on the F100 between March 2003 and the beginning of 2007 and the XR crews were well capable of transition on to the F100 with a few exceptions".

"....With few exceptions"

One being the Chief Pilot..................................... :{

oil additive
21st Dec 2009, 03:41
Current or past CP :confused:

Under Dog
21st Dec 2009, 04:02
Surely not the one who is with the RFDS these days....

The Dog:confused:

21st Dec 2009, 07:47
I rarely dig into this sort of debate, however,

I also had a great deal to do with the training, mainly endorsement and revalidation in the Simulator for the F-100, over 50 pilots in fact.
There was a CP who, before my time, did not achieve the endorsement, and is now at CASA in a senior position, so sometimes for all of us at a particular time and place do not achieve but are still value to the system.

All I had the privilage of training passed, some better than others as is the norm for all such processes.

Skywest have gone from 5 F-50s in 2003, to 8 F-50s and shortly 10 F-100s. an effort not too many organisations could handle. It is a tribute to ALL who slaved away at the task that was and still is, to achieve the goals set by the variations of the Industry in WA.

I no longer am associated with Skywest, no more Jepps, no more stress ECGs, lots more time at home, got my own "BUS endorsement, 57 seats, school run, still have fun in crosswinds!!

Will watch and wait as we should all do as to the future of the process, nothing has really changed since 1967 when the first boom got underway which I viewed from a DC-3, it still is WA, it still is boom and bust, the seasons come and go as do Airlines and their Managements and the cyclones.



oil additive
22nd Dec 2009, 03:02
Agree with all you said Greybeard... we're often too quick to be negative and judge companies and their management about what they are doing currently, but in regards to Skywests growth over the past 5-6 years, the proof is in the pudding :D

XR have done extremely well and I wish them all the best for the future, although I still won't believe the whole A320 thing until I see it parked out the front of Terminal 3 with the cats ar*e proudly painted on the tail :ok:

23rd Dec 2009, 09:00
Media release today from the office of Brendan O'Connor announces the awarding of the Perth to Cocos/Christmas Islands to Virgin Blue using Embraer E190s. Skywest must have other plans for their A320.

24th Dec 2009, 15:13
Where did Windshear go?

29th Dec 2009, 08:14

keep in mind Geoff Thomas is a writer and not part of Skywest so its his best guess the number of seats, and just a heads up before u make anymore incorrect statements, the KGI-MEL was working....;)

David Eyre
8th Jan 2010, 10:36
From Flightglobal.com:

Australia's Skywest secures its first A320

By Leithen Francis - 8 January 2010

Avation, an aircraft leasing company linked to Australia's Skywest Airlines, has signed a letter of intent to purchase an Airbus A320 that it plans to lease to Skywest.

The A320 "is currently in service in the UK and is at this time owned by" an international leasing company but Avation has paid an initial deposit of $150,000 to buy the aircraft, says Avation.

"The total cost of the aircraft to enter service is approximately $11 million with a base purchase price of $8.6 million," it says.

Avation gas secured interest free vendor finance in respect of $7.8 million over a three-year period, says Avation.

It says it plans to place the aircraft with Skywest on an operating lease and that it will announce later the details on this.

Skywest today operates a fleet of Fokker 50s and Fokker 100s on a scheduled and charter basis.

Skywest's managing director of charter operations, Hugh Davin, told ATI last October that the airline is aiming to add its first A320 in mid-2010 and hopes to add a second A320 soon after that.

It plans to use the A320 primarily for mining charters.

Skywest and Avation's chairman is Jeff Chatfield and several of Skywest's Fokker aircraft are leased from Avation.

8th Jan 2010, 10:44
Greybeard....in the 25 years I have known you, you always have spoken wisdom. (The first thing you taught me was something about ruff air and tuff somethings!!)

Anyway a well thoughtout post.


8th Jan 2010, 11:01
Congratulation's Skywest! You guys are one of the few companies that could handle such an upswing in flight operation's as you have been exposed to over the years.

Greybeard said it well.

It is a credit to all who work there, and I know XR will continue to go from strength to strength!

:ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:

8th Jan 2010, 11:45
ha! stick that in your pipe hong kong fooey!!!!

11th Jan 2010, 08:31
I hope it's not an A320-100 G-BUSx....if they are still in service

Dog One
11th Jan 2010, 10:23
$8.6 million seems a bit cheap for a used A320, unless that is the airframe only.

11th Jan 2010, 12:59
8.6 million; its probably a freshly squeezed one straight out of the Hudson.:E

3 Holer
11th Jan 2010, 20:05
Yes, very well said Greybeard. :ok:

Do you still lead the Chidlow Voluntary Fire Brigade these days? ;)

old rope
12th Jan 2010, 00:44
TE3, don't encourage him. As a 320 F/O his actual ability is inversely proportional to his opinion of himself. But on prune, he is a real embarrassment!

12th Jan 2010, 00:54
Pretty simple equation really, one more jet in Australia = more jet jobs for pilots.

Mach E Avelli
12th Jan 2010, 03:22
Not if one bigger jet replaces two smaller ones...