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13th Dec 2009, 11:55
Anyone know what the future is for the C-54s at North Weald? Are they just parked up and left or are maintained and started up? Just a pure curiosity question as I haven't heard anything about them since they arrived X number of years ago.

Only info I can find is here from 2002.

16th Dec 2009, 09:22
They've just been put up for sale, coincidentally -

Pair of DC-4s up for sale as HBO ‘Candybomber’ movie is cancelled | General Aviation News (http://www.generalaviationnews.com/?p=14532#more-14532)

22nd Dec 2009, 16:24
The planes are valued at around $400,000 each.

The price of aluminium scrap must have rocketed

26th Dec 2009, 21:46
I heard that they'd actually been up for sale more or less since they arrived here in 2002 and also, that the asking price of $400,000 per aircraft is way too high. Whatever the price though, wish I could afford to buy one and a hangar to keep it in. Saw these in November 2002, just after they arrived-I drove down from Manchester specially-and was rewarded with some November sunshine, so got some decent photos; here's one:

JetPhotos.Net Photo N44914 (CN: 10630) Private Douglas C-54B Skymaster by Michael Blank (http://tinyurl.com/ybgtp5j)