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13th Dec 2009, 04:09
Tech Log Forum has a thread called Auto-throttle usage 737-700 where someone asks readers views on whether or not the auto-throttle should be switched off during manual flight. Buried among readers comments was a link to an accident at Shannon airport in Ireland which happened on 30 November 2000. The link is here:
Air Accident Investigation UnitFull List of Reports (http://www.aaiu.ie/AAIUviewitem.asp?id=3963&lang=ENG&loc=1280)

Briefly, the first officer of a Spanish registered Boeing 737-800 severely botched up a crosswind landing and after a series of bounces he shoved the stick forward so hard that the nose-wheel collapsed. The cross-wind was 37 knots and two other aircraft approaching to land before the accident aircraft found the turbulence and crosswind so bad that they went around diverted. The crew of the Spanish 737 figured it was no sweat and subsequently pranged.

If the link doesn't work try Tech Log (A/T usage B737-700) and work your way down to find the post with the link. For all Boeing pilots the report makes for very interesting professional reading. The disadvantages of leaving the auto-throttle engaged contrary to Boeing recommendation is starkly revealed in the report by the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) Report No: 2001-010. The Irish CAA.

Flight Detent
13th Dec 2009, 05:21
I wonder why, with the reported 37 knots Xwind...

the FO was flying the approach and landing...?

Wouldn't happen under those conditions where I come from...