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10th Dec 2009, 12:27
Can anyone help me please? I lived with the parents 1963 - 1967 at Gaydon. Pop was Assistant A.T.C. Would anyone know the serial numbers of the Victors that were there a this time. I found a thread on here mentioning Gaydon several times, one of the names mentioned was a Chiefy Swinbourne. I rather suspect that he was the father of Ken(neth) that I went to Kineton High with.
Hunters at Leuchars, Victors at Gaydon. My two favourite aircraft, both so graceful, both so liked by their crews.

11th Dec 2009, 09:36
Can't help but I do remember a TV programme (early/mid '60s) pretty sure it was ITV; they did a live OB from Gaydon on a weekday which culminated in a voice over:
"This is the Bomber Controller, for Gaydon only Scramble Scramble Scramble"; at which juncture the 4 Victors on QRA started and took off (I believe the crews were already on board probably to cut down on transmission time) with a healthy roar of Conways.

11th Dec 2009, 10:10
I too recall such a programme. The one that I saw also showed a Blue Steel being loaded up to a Victor. Looked out from the school bus on the way home one afternoon in awe with the others at four Victors with Blue Steels sitting on the pans at the end of the runway. "Somethings up" cried one of the fifteen year old experts on board. Turned out that 100/139 squadron had decamped from Wittering whilst the runway there was being resurfaced.

12th Dec 2009, 10:11
You need access to P.Butler/T.Buttler, HP Victor, Aerofax and/or Roger Brookes, HP Victor, Vols.1/2, Pen&Sword. 232 OCU/Gaydon had Victors 11/57-30/6/65. I can offer you XA921 (in 8/62), 931, 932, 933, 934 (crashed, 2/10/62), 935 (5/61-6/64), 936, 941 (in 8/62).

Old Hairy
14th Dec 2009, 13:52
I can add 615 &616 in Nov. 1959 to that list.Also flew 934 and 936

14th Dec 2009, 21:28
Cor, thanks for all that.