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Tony H
6th Dec 2009, 08:41

Having reformed back in the UK (literally) just over two years ago, 78 Sqn are now in the process of establishing a Sqn History / Memorial Room in our Hangar.

78 Sqn was originally formed on 1st Nov 1916 and whilst there have been a few "enforced breaks" over the years we are keen to enhance the records of our past operational history. If any former 78 Sqn personnel have any photo's /documents etc that they are willing to provide copies of etc, I would be most grateful for their assistance

Also . . .

A 78 Sqn memorial weekend is currently being planned to take place next year (2010) The events will be open to all former 78 Sqn personnel - be they aircrew or ground staff who have served in the past at either;

Breighton, Croft, Dishforth, Linton On Ouse or Middleton St. George (1937 -1945)

Or . . .

Al Mazra, Kabrit or Fayid (1945-1954)

Or . . .

Khormaskar or Sharjah (1956 -1971)

Or . . .

Falkland Islands (1986 -2007)

Of equally importance, the families / relatives of those individuals KIA/MIA whislt serving with 78 Sqn are also most welcome to attend

If anyone can help with donations etc to our historical archive, or are interested in attending the Sqn memorial weekend, please contact me

Thanks in advance for your co-operation

"Nemo Non Paratus"

Tony H