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6th Dec 2009, 07:43
Desperately seeking a good high res photo of a Meteor FR.9 of 8 Squadron to support an article on the type. 8 Squadron had a flight of 4 FR.9s in 1958, which, in 1959 became the independent Arabian Peninsula Reconnaissance Flight (APRF). The 8 Squadron had a distinctive chevron flash on the rear fuselage divided horizontally with sand, red, and blue bands, the roundel being superimposed.

7th Dec 2009, 11:29
There's a picture of 'Z' WX978 of 8 Sqn taken somewhere in the Middle East in 1959 in the Squadron/Signal Publications 'Meteor in action'. The publication is No 152. The photo is not too high res, but hope that this helps

7th Dec 2009, 13:40
Thanks CharlieJuliet I'll follow that one up. I notice that the photo is credited to MAP so perhaps they have the original.

7th Dec 2009, 14:37
From ‘Gloster Meteor’ by Barry Jones; FR9 VZ601/D of 208 Sqn went to 8 Sqn. unfortunately the only picture appears to be in 208 colours.

John Rawlings in ‘Fighter Squadrons of the RAF’ describes the ‘final insignia’ carried by 8 Sqn as an arrowhead in sand, red and blue as described above. This is shown on a Venom, but no photo of a meteor, and indeed there is no mention of 8 Sqn having any.

7th Dec 2009, 17:50
Very brief potted history!
In 1958, 8 Sqdn received four Meteor FR.9s and four pilots with time on the type: Fred Trowern, 'Porky' Munro, 'Manx' Kelly and Reteif Tai. This was 'C' Flight. Up to this time the reconnaissance duties in the area had been performed by FR.9 detachments from 208 Squadron. In 1959 the 'C' Flight went independent as the Arabian Peninsula Reconnaissance Flight (APRF). In 1960 the APRF returned to the 8 Sqdn fold and converted to the Hunter FR.10.

7th Dec 2009, 18:25
Two photos of 8 Sqn FR.9s in "Meteor : Gloster's First Jet Fighter" by Steven Bond (Midland Counties 1985). One of WX978/Z credited to Ron Clarke, and one shot of 'Y' credited to MAP.