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5th Dec 2009, 09:48
hi guys, has anyone an info on working for emirates as a technician in dubai? salary, hours, benefits, promotion to approved eng prospects, rtc. i have b1 and b2 with types. i'm in the appliation process at the minute with them. any info welcome, tks.

5th Dec 2009, 10:47
Buddy , You have to reword yr post.

Here in the UAE a Technician is a mechanic position, with a B1 or B2 license you should apply for a Engineer position.

salary aroud 15K AED/mo (for the moment)
housing only in company accomodation
depending on where you work (line base) 12 hrs shift 2day/2night 4 off
no raise no bonus at the moment
bonding for type courses
some small benefits
schooling not covering all expenses

Keep discovering :eek:

5th Dec 2009, 11:28
i am B1 and B2, 330 and 340 but not enough crs exp to apply for engineers job, so its technician for me at the moment. whats that salary in euro or sterling. would a licenced technician get crs in a few yrs with emirates? it there shift allowance? whats the leave allocation p/a? tks.

5th Dec 2009, 12:34
15K euros or sterling ??? Mate are you dreaming !!!

5th Dec 2009, 13:11
i am B1 and B2, 330 and 340

IF U R an unrestricted B1/B2 than U have the license. It doesn't matter about yr former CRS approvals . This depends on the MO, not on yr license. As a B1/B2 U have the privilege to give CRS. Don't sell U under price, especially here . What Do U think the guys hold for licenses from India or Pakistan ???

Technician salary between 8-10K AED/mo 3.67AED=1$ fixed rate

MATMAX, the place did not improved since you left, but some people will learning by doing , like me :ugh:

It's funny, the company is suffering for manpower here, but will not recommend it, don't want more enemies :eek:

Keep discovering

5th Dec 2009, 18:02
yeah h3dxb , thats what i have been told by some other buddies who are still suffering ...
how can it be worse than the worst ...???
Check your PM.

6th Dec 2009, 10:58
Are you guys serious about the dollars???? Surely there must shift penalties on top.

As the that skinny model said "I wouldn't get out of bed for that":eek:

6th Dec 2009, 11:12
thanks for the info guys.. would it be fair to say that etihad and gulf and qatar are all the same too??!!

7th Dec 2009, 08:06
sorry to tell you but , same place , same mind , same score !

Swedish Steve
7th Dec 2009, 09:59
In 1980 I worked for Gulf Air in BAH as a licensed engineer. There were about 50 engineers there. Four were Indian, and five from the rest of the world. The other 41 were British. So the salary and allowances were pitched to entice engineers to move from the UK. I was there for 11 years and the ratios did not change much. We had Local Gulf Arab trainees, but when they got there licences, they went off to be managers.

Last month I was in Doha, on training with Qatar Airways. I was in the hangar, and out on the line.
I was there for 10 days and saw 2 Europeans in MCC, one on the line, and two in the hangar. All the engineers are Asian, mainly Indians, but a lot from the Philippines as well. This means that the pay and allowances are set to attract Asians.

7th Dec 2009, 16:31
Dear Steve ,
Maybe all these Brits are managers too now ...
And maybe , the pay and allowances are attracting Asians mostly ...
Whats going on in the Gulf is now known ... Aircraft Engineers are speaking together ...

10th Dec 2009, 05:42
Im with EK....
This place is the biggest F++K *P I have yet to view/be part off in my career.


To post as a new member such a statement, does not show any sense. When U don't like it, explain it in an approbiate manner to aviator,that he will not to make the same mistake......

At least we will survive the crisis :ok:

10th Dec 2009, 07:02

I got yr point. At least Gus is back healthy. The Airbus safe and I know , under which pressure U R. But remember the AB with the dual eng trouble .. our decision was overrided by management. This company didn't grow right. But at least we have to try. It is our job to keep them flying .......SAFE.

11th Dec 2009, 00:33
Guys , be professionals !
If the managers want the A/C to fly , let them sign for it !
Do not yield to the pressure !
They are Engineers too ...
Do not forget that you are signing a CRS , I think I do not have to remind you what it means ...
If an A/C is unserviceable , thats it ! grounded !
What will you tell to the families of the victims ? "sorry , I signed because my manager asked me to do it..." !
It is not because that some guys are not responsible that you should be too !
Our job is to make the A/C fly but as h3dxb said : IN A SAFE WAY.
Now , about fatigue , not surprising , 12 hours shift with high temperatures ... where are the Human Factors ? the what ??? mate , you are in dxb ...

20th Dec 2009, 01:10
Damn right! You really have to sell yourself. A colleague of mine got a job offer in an Arabian country with a salary offer on 7.5K Euro a month. But because of his family, he could not take the position. And when he turned them down, they offer him a higher salery! So you really have to push it if you have an Airbus certificate. Apparently they suffer from a lot of false certificates down there.


14th Jan 2010, 05:53
hey guys does ek hire apprentices and like what are the qualifications for that unfortunately the canadian aviation industry is slowly sinking down things dont look positive but ye thats life so please ek engineers any info would be much appreciated oh and i have experience on the 737 classic and ng and also the c130 hercules cheerios from canada

Long Bay Mauler
15th Jan 2010, 11:08
Sounds like EK wants to be a first world airline with a first world reputation using a combination of first & third world engineers and are really only willing to pay third world rates.

Inevitably there will be tears on all fronts.

I can only see long term problems here unfortunately.

Good luck to those of you slugging it out over there,and let the previous posts be a warning to those contemplating life over there.

15th Jan 2010, 15:17
Please dont try to hurt others feelings by expressing your unproved views here on other airlines.
EMIRATES is the best and will remain the best no matter what people like you say. People of your country die to work for EMIRATES, your words aint gonna change it !
You dint wanna work for EK.....dont, but please dont tell other people what to do!

22nd Jan 2010, 04:34
Careful With Your Words

Please dont try to hurt others feelings by expressing your unproved views here on other airlines.
EMIRATES is the best and will remain the best no matter what people like you say. People of your country die to work for EMIRATES, your words aint gonna change it !
You dint wanna work for EK.....dont, but please dont tell other people what to do!

You have to learn to relax!

By the way I've actually be to an interview in the sandpit and the money was crap!
When I questioned the pay at the interview I was told Quote; "But this is tax free" and my reply was "that is less than I get in Australia - after tax"

From what I have seen Emirates have a lot of nice shiney new jets but are having to go to bolster engineer numbers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia - all noted for their high levels of aircraft maintenance.

22nd Jan 2010, 07:32
hey guys a quick question on licensing ,am a canadian aircraft maintenance engineer with a canadian license what are the procedures for getting the gcaa license like are there any tests involved redoing maths, physics, electrical etc to get the gcaa license or easier just to write the EASA exams any info will be much appreciated thanks:ok:

22nd Jan 2010, 19:19
This place treats people like slaves and BB has Stockholm syndrome.:mad:

22nd Jan 2010, 20:27
Hey sheikhmahandy,
are you number 2 after MATMAX? :}

24th Jan 2010, 04:20
You just need with M2 to write Air Leg multichoice and essey exam!

25th Jan 2010, 04:54
am an aeronautical engineer from india and i would like to work for emirates in long term. i just wanna know that whether technician in emirates ll be given a chance to get GCAA license there.... pls tell me if u know...

3rd Feb 2010, 15:01
mig 15 ,when were ba last recruiting techs early 90,s?

22nd May 2012, 09:41
Any idea how is the condition of avionics grade 6 technicians in emirates? Shall I go for EASA or FAA. does emirates recognizes both? would be highly appreciated if someone experience enlighten me, thanks.

22nd May 2012, 09:45
any idea about avionics grade 6 technician? shall I go for FAA or EASA or for both? What should be i aware of if I take the job @emirates? any suggestion would be highly appreciated.Thanks.