View Full Version : A380 out of YSBK

5th Dec 2009, 08:13
Just saw an A380 climbing slowly out of BK basin very low with Dunlops dangling heading south. Anyone know what is going on. Is BK an alt to SY? :confused:

Test approach for Jet* A380 :}

Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow.

5th Dec 2009, 08:48
I admit it was a big day at the V8's at Homebush, but I am serious.

Seriously sick, maybe. :confused:

5th Dec 2009, 09:10
Probably a test circuit for a flyover for tomorrows big race...
Ignore me..

5th Dec 2009, 10:21
yeah they "must" do a test flight to validate the performance of the 380 empty near the ground in order not to hit it.......

I thought that is what sims were for!! what a waste of money for 2 guys ( maybe 3 knowing how hard it is to fly ) to get a jolly over Syd.......

Typical QF, "we are the most experienced Airline in the World" crap