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1970s Spotter
3rd Dec 2009, 10:34
More to the point, I am thinking of writing an article about some of the non-mainstream operators of old CV880s and early model Boeing 707s (-321s and -430s etc) that were knocking around the Miami area in the 1970s and early 80s. Also the ones that made their way to Europe and Africa...
All info treated in confidence, anecdotes appreciated detailed ops even greater appreciated!

You can PM me if you like.

Many Thanks!:)

4th Dec 2009, 05:45
One of the principal air lines of Asia-Cathay Pacific, operated both Convair 880s from the 60's through to the end of the Vietnam war and also operated early versions of the 300 series Boeing 707 (ex Northwest)-with BOTH pilots and flight engineers.

5th Dec 2009, 08:03
1970 Spotter - check your PM's.

5th Dec 2009, 18:46
Singapore in the early 60's had regular flights through by CV880's of Pacific, Japan Air Lines and chartered aircraft of Thai International.


Here's Cathay's VR-HFS at Paya Lebar at night in 1963.


and SAS SE-DAY in combined SAS and Thai International markings, also 1963.
Any aircrew around who flew these guys then?

David Taylor.

5th Dec 2009, 21:27
The SAS Convair in your pic is a Coronado....now that was an exotic plane!.... what was that sharp little Japanese camera again?

8th Dec 2009, 14:54
Kai Tak in the late 60's was the place to see Convairs - Cathay's 880's alongside Garuda and Swissair 990 Coronados - what with 707s and DC8's as well everything looked pretty similar from a distance in those pre-747/DC10 days!

1970s Spotter
8th Dec 2009, 16:20

many thanks for taking the time to reply to my querie.

However I was thinking along the lines of some of the more ad-hoc operators or the more colourful operators (i.e. not always the right side of the law)...