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10th Jul 2001, 18:28
At around 13:30 Tuesday 10/07/01 an Air Sofia aircraft (flight number SFB4401) - probably an Antonov 12 - skidded off the runway whil'st landing at Exeter. There were 9 persons on board. It is not known if there were any casualties. Damage has been caused to the aircraft, runway and lighting. Exeter Airport is now closed awaiting AAIB inspectors.

10th Jul 2001, 21:57
Just a quick update - (my browser is playing up so apologies if this news has already been posted).

When I left the airport at about 1710, the latest was:

That there were no injuries, all the crew/pax were being hosted in the Airport terminal.

The departure country was Morocco.

Not sure if the right gear collapsed on landing or as a result of the r/w departure, but it was lying on the side of the runway about 100 yards away from the incident site.

The cargo of theatrical props (including some ex-military weapons) was being removed prior to the a/c being towed away from the r/w, at which tiem the airport would be re-opened - AAIB had given this permission.

The AAIB also had to give permission to move the considerable debris from the r/w.

At the time of the incident, the winds were down the r/w, about 15kts, with light rain.

11th Jul 2001, 03:38
This is the report I read...
The first visit of an Antonov An-12 to Exeter proved rather eventful today.
LZ-SFK of Air Sofia suffered an undercarriage collapse on landing on runway
26 at 1:30pm. The aircraft bounced on landing and regained the air. On it's
second contact with the ground the right undercarriage collapsed and the
right wingtip contacted the ground. It slewed to the right some 110 degrees
or so and came to rest on the northern taxiway after travelling some
distance across the grass. Pieces of the aircraft, incuding substantial
sections of undercarriage, were left on the runway and the grass in it's
wake. The runway and some runway lights were also damaged. The crew of 12
were able to walk away apparently unharmed. Exeter Airport was closed for
some time and flights were diverted to Bristol. Once the aircraft had been
inspected by the Air Accident Investigation Branch it was unloaded and, when
lifting equipment was made available, moved as the CAA had declared that it
was too close to the runway to allow normal services to resume. Flight
number SFB4401 was inbound from Casablanca with 8 tons of "theatrical
props" - said to be weapons used during the making of a film. It is
fortunate that the aircraft did not crash further down the runway as it
could have slewed into several parked aircraft, including Nigel Mansell's
Citation. It looked a very sad sight with it's right wingtip touching the
ground and the left pointing skyward. Expect it to be at Exeter for quite
some time.

The Guvnor
11th Jul 2001, 05:05
Hmm, so is "theatrical props" what we're calling "agricultural equipment" and "machine spare parts" these days, then? :D :D :D

26th Jul 2001, 10:56
The aircraft is still sitting beside the runway at Exeter, looking rather sorry for itself.

Does anyone have an idea how long it is likely to stay?


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26th Jul 2001, 20:04
It's now standing level on it's own wheels and an engine was replaced yesterday. It's expected to remain here for another week or so.

Yesterday some "men from the CAA" visited to inspect the repair work. What jurisdiction do the CAA have over a foreign registered aircraft in the UK? Can they refuse to allow it to depart if they consider the repair work unsatisfactory?