View Full Version : REX wins old Macair routes

26th Nov 2009, 01:34
4 days ago the Townsville refueller was informed by REX that they had won all routes in the Queensland Government tender.

Thatís probably why Anna will not be announcing until after parliament finishes its current sitting so no questions will be asked as to why a Queensland Company has not won the contract.:=

It will be interesting to see if the Townsville refueller is correct again:E

26th Nov 2009, 01:48
That will have to effect Skytrans fairly heavily ?

26th Nov 2009, 04:07
Ohhh dear.......The TL Refueller is often on the money :eek: Lets hope he loads plenty on though..............:E

Our Anna would not do that surely! :rolleyes:

26th Nov 2009, 04:47
So Skytrans & Qantaslink are Queensland companies are they :rolleyes:

They all employ Queenslanders so who cares?

26th Nov 2009, 06:18
A Queensland owned and operated company with all staff queenslanders had the contracts but we went bust. The govt had a great op then to help out queenslanders. Katter didn't help either by saying he hoped macair went bust cause Qantas (a company with head office's in syd) up to 49% foreigned owned will do it so much better and cheaper (prices went up very significatly on the townville isa route when we went under) this example showed us queenlanders that qld pollies don't give a rats about qlders

26th Nov 2009, 06:42
And just to feed the parochial paranoia Rex is substantially Singapore owned.

Incidentally, what changed? Macair was a prohibited word for yonks. Now the airline is defunct we can spell the name proper. Whahappen?

tail wheel
26th Nov 2009, 06:43
I suspect the Townsville refueler is talking through his butt! :=

I can not find anything on the Queensland Transport web site regarding awarding any new Contracts and I certainly doubt the Townsville Refueler would have "inside information".

There are malicious rumours, outrageous rumours and rumours with some semblance of credibility and integrity. We are only interested in creditable rumours!

When you can back your rumour with some credible, verifying, supporting evidence, feel free to start a new thread!