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16th Nov 2009, 21:32
QF LH CC BNE Base Under Threat
Qantas management is very good at producing unsubstantiated figures that support an agenda.
Qantas management will tell you that they are currently over staffed by 500 cabin Crew.Coincidentally this about the size of the BNE CC Base.
Never mind that there is very little open time and an actual operational shortage in some categories.
So it is no surprise that "company figures" indicate a spike in unsustainable levels of sick leave in the BNE Base.
Tarranto and Jackson have visited BNE to lay down the law.They were met with both suspicion and anger.A copy of the quoted figures was requested.Corporate sensitivity was the response.
There is an agenda here to bring the BNE base to heel.Management considers the very senior base to be the last vestige of the old culture.
Closing the base down would result in a very large number of resignations with no VR involved.
A business upturn would then magically materialise and a staff shortage would ensue.More(cheaper)QCCA employees would be required.Its not difficult to imagine the cost savings
This whole scenario has Oldmeadows grubby fingerprints all over it.
The BNE base and cost savings are clearly the agenda and so much for re engaging staff and improving morale

16th Nov 2009, 21:38
I submitted the above post yesterday in D and Gee.
It was punted to the CC Forum and immediately deleted by Tightslot.
Tightslot has a policy of not accepting anything anti Qantas.
I now find I am banned from the CC forum.
No warning.Immeditely banned.
Mods please do not relegate this post ot the CC forum it will be deleted.
The BNE base is under threat and Qantas Colleagues who frequent PPrUNe need to be aware of this

16th Nov 2009, 21:53
Heard yesterday that they have resumed hiring flight attendants in AKL base. So if Qantas says is overstaffed by 500 Cabin Crew it must be referrring to 500 of the undesirables.If they want to close the BNE base and replace with el cheapo labour someone should be fighting them.

16th Nov 2009, 23:55
BNE base manager resigned??????? on Thursday. Same day Kiwi Terminator was in town for scheduled performance appraisals with some BNE F/A's.