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13th Nov 2009, 09:19
"Happy Birthday Skinny"

For those of you who know Skinny, his 60th Birthday is on the 23rd of November. Skinny, of Fatties restaurant in Singapore, is a real character and is well known to many Australian Aircrew both pilot and cabin, civil and military.

No doubt a few of us have some great Fatties stories and I for one will be wishing the old bloke happy birthday.

13th Nov 2009, 09:49
partaking of a meal there during a pattern is one of the finest traditions of being a Qantas pilot

JOLLY GOOD! Now Charlie run along and get my pipe, I have an aircraft I have to pilot back to that southern colony!

13th Nov 2009, 10:12
Whilst it isnt a state secret and is no doubt meant for good intentions, some of you guys who copy and paste from work websites, do open yourself to the rubbish (good humoured or not) this website invariably brings.

As the post above demonstrates.

13th Nov 2009, 10:24
Thank you blueloo and the quicker you guys wake up to yourselves and realise that you are dinosaurs, the better off we will be!:ugh:

13th Nov 2009, 10:54
Thanks "CAVEBOY", "we" are just fine... Now you just run along and get some looser fitting undies and you'll be feeling better in no time!:ok:

ps. Happy Birthday Skinny... miss those black pepper prawns.:D

Shot Nancy
13th Nov 2009, 14:12
So it is qfPPRUNE now is it?
Don't forget your jacket!