View Full Version : Qantas: The Trashing/Bashing Continues

12th Nov 2009, 12:06
Qantas remains the favoured blood sport of the Australian media.Normal day to day aircraft operations are continually reported as "emergencies".
The Qantas PR/Spin department continues to misrepresent the wage claims of the Professional Engineers.It seems they have forgotten about the cost of last years stoush with the LAMES.
In the meantime the public is provided with updates on anything and everything that may be wrong with Qantas Aircraft.The morale among employees continues to plumb the depths of despair.
Joyce has been there for a year and it would appear nothing much has changed .
Does anyone have anything positive to say about the flying kangaroo?

The masked goatrider
12th Nov 2009, 12:09
Well they're still putting the fortnightly wage in the bank... and ... I think that is about it.

12th Nov 2009, 20:48

Does anyone have anything positive to say about the flying kangaroo?

I'm positive it's rooted and nothing has changed.

Transition Layer
12th Nov 2009, 20:52
The continued media bashing could be a perfect opportunity for a very simple (and cheap) advertising campaign from Qantas.

Get some real front line staff - pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground staff etc, briefly explaining why go-arounds happen, what causes diversions, and how engine shutdowns/failures are dealt with in a routine matter. Keep it short and simple, much the same way the "On: Q" Plane Talking segment is done that you sometimes hear onboard.

Could be a big "up yours" to the media outlets, whilst re-assuring the travelling public. Problem is, none of the commercial networks would probably play the ads.

12th Nov 2009, 21:28
Saw a DJ 737 go around from 200' in SYD yesterday due to preceding CX A330 still being on the runway and was stunned that this near death catastrophe wasn't reported in the media. What is the world coming to when these sorts of calamitous events don't get reported.

:E :ugh:

12th Nov 2009, 21:51
TL as per usual very true!

After a go around doesn't it state in our manuals that saftey permitting, a pax brief is to take place and then after landing call the IOC to let them know what happened in case the Daily Telegraph calls and starts fishing. But as we all know even if we keep it short, factual and to the point there are always gonna be morons that want their mug in the newspaper or on TV.

Yet again the melbourne Emirates near disaster is proof that QF just doesn't put enough money into advertising!