View Full Version : First US Flug Werk FW 190 is flying

Kerosene Kraut
11th Nov 2009, 12:58
As you might know Flug Werk at Gammelsdorf, Bavaria is building a new series of the famous german FW 190 fighter. Don Hanson's FW 190 in Florida is now completed and flying according to this source:

Erste amerikanische Flug Werk-FW 190 fliegt - Klassiker der Luftfahrt (http://www.klassiker-der-luftfahrt.de/de/historie/news/erste-amerikanische-flug-werk-fw-190-fliegt.15368.htm)

BTW: According to the same source one final FW 190 A8/N is available for sale at Flug Werk.

11th Nov 2009, 20:55
I hope they sourced informations concerning the landing gear and electrical problems discovered on FW aircrafts , from "La Diva" (didier rohmer) who built the FW190 for Christophe jacquard in Dijon France ...
Mr Colling and his late friend were really brilliant when they decided to recreate the butcher bird....

Kerosene Kraut
12th Nov 2009, 07:32
I haven't heard about any specific problems with Flug Werk FWs. Care to elaborate please?

The more you copy any original design the more you copy very poor wartime construction standards, materials selection and build quality. They might be new airplanes but the technology is entirely outdated. During the war in germany nobody cared about stuck gears, brakes or planes that killed their pilots.

12th Nov 2009, 15:20
Didier and friends from la ferté alais changed the all landing gear because it was not sturdy enough, extension problems etc...

Kerosene Kraut
13th Nov 2009, 07:36
Interesting. Thanks and merci Lolo.