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Dak Mechanic
10th Nov 2009, 03:37
Has anyone else had problems with AVG 9.0? For the past year I've been happily (aside from small problems with my mobile dialup) using AVG 8.5 and PAYING for it *shudder*.

After upgrading to 9.0 things started to get squirrily on both of my PC's - a laptop for work running XP and a desktop with Windows 7.

The main issue on the desktop was with iTunes. Every time I tried to download stuff, the download failed and then Win 7 reports that nothing can start from the desktop due to resource issues and the network connection would hang. 4GB of Ram and a 1TB hard drive means that this isn't the case. A reboot would eventually be needed at which point I would need to force a restart.

The laptop nearly ended up in Yokohama bay last week as I tried to access a pdf file and the bloody thing locked up numerous times (I was in the middle of conducting an inspection on the dockside and REALLY needed the data). Then I found that Word and Excel were doing the same sort of thing.

The only thing I've changed recently was the upgrade to AVG 9.0, so as an experiment I uninstalled it from both and everything is as sweet as a sweet thing. Everything works fine now so one can only assume that AVG 9.0 was the culprit.

Anyone else experiencing similar trials with AVG? I'm planning to go a bit hatstand with them, but would like to know I'm not alone :)

Cheers in advance.


10th Nov 2009, 05:24
Yes, I did, but mainly when browsing. I had to go into options and un tick a whole load of boxes that it auto ticks on installation.

Also the PAID version.

10th Nov 2009, 09:33
I have had problems in the past with AVG (free) conflicting with other anti malware software on my machine and thus ditched it for Avast - no problems since then.


10th Nov 2009, 09:37
My problem has been with Word. Takes about 10 secs to open now - almost instantaneous before AVG 9.

However, I've had other issues with Office in general, so this might be a coincidence. I've decided to wait until the Christmas presents come, then it's over to W7 and Office 2010. Then I'll really be in trouble...

10th Nov 2009, 12:24
I used and was delighted with AVG until the latest edition.

I dropped it in favour of Avast some months ago. Several friends have called me recently to help sort out their misbehaving computers. In every case (5 so far) the fix has been to remove AVG and install Avast, whereafter all is well.

It's sad, because AVG was the tops. They've lost it.

Dak Mechanic
10th Nov 2009, 13:36
I'm pleased to hear that I'm not jumping to conclusions!

It seems that AVG 9 is chewing up the desktop in some way - The Windows 7 problem manifested itself when trying to download large files through iTunes so I'm wondering if there is a cache limit that AVG uses and it isn't large enough. The files would start then fail and then I would get a resource error on trying to open anything from the desktop. The network connection would also die.

XP just lost Office applications and Acrobat - Acrobat Reader, Excel and Word would just hang if the file size was too large (the PDF file was 500 pages long) so again this suggests that there is a memory allocation issue.

I've received a totally pointless email from AVG which seems to be looking in the wrong direction but I'll go along with it for now.

I'm not an IT/Systems expert, so the above is supposition only :)

Keep the ideas and experiences coming please!

10th Nov 2009, 14:50
I used and was delighted with AVG until the latest edition.

the fix has been to remove AVG and install Avast, whereafter all is well.

It's sad, because AVG was the tops. They've lost it.

Suspect I may be going this way, too, Keef. Before I do: was it an easy remove - or is AVG one of those which leaves bits of itself all over the place to b**ch things up? Appreciate your advice...

10th Nov 2009, 18:28
I also have been using AVG along with ZoneAlarm on Windows XP. Updated to AVG 9.0 and found it slowed Mozilla down to a crawl. Looking at AVG forums, I found that AVG 9.0 does not work well with ZoneAlarm.

Secondly, my second laptop is a 1.4 MHz machine, and the minimum spec for AVG 9.0 is 1.8 MHz, so that machine just sat continually reading the hard drive and was very slow at everything.:*

Now I am trying COMODO anti-virus and firewall, seems better at the moment.

Would appreciate any comments?

Uninstalling ZoneAlarm and AVG seemed to go uneventfully using Add/Remove programs. I switched off internet connection, then uninstalled both, then installed Comodo before switching connection back on. First update of virus database has to be done manually,:ok:

10th Nov 2009, 20:45
I upgraded to it & have had no problems whatsoever - my virus scan now takes 11/2 hrs instead of the 31/2 it was taking & things seem to be much smoother & quick in opening.

11th Nov 2009, 01:21
Removing AVG was easy. It came out very cleanly (restart was needed to remove it from memory).

Avast says it's not compatible with Zone Alarm. That's not an issue for me with Win 7 machines, since ZA isn't compatible with Win 7 either.

11th Nov 2009, 09:36
Thanks, Keef.:ok:

11th Nov 2009, 12:51
Keef, just off just now to fix another machine with Avast, been doing the same as you for a while. AVG's loss.

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