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9th Nov 2009, 22:21
Is there any info in the question: How can a TRI (on A320) can be FI( SEP/MEP)? Is there any special procedure? I can't find any info in LASORS.
If there is no one procedure, it is an issue for an FTO and CAA cooperation to agreement?

10th Nov 2009, 08:08
You do the FI course...... Thats gives you SEP privileges, you then do the ME Instructor course and that gives you MEP privileges.

10th Nov 2009, 08:41
He's from Canada!!!!

Is it the JAR system your asking about or the canadian?

In the UK there is no crossover at all between FI and TRI or TRI to FI.

10th Nov 2009, 09:05
MJ. The reference to LASORS was the give away.......

10th Nov 2009, 09:10
Good point well presented.

You get bugger all then.

The theory course is like the core course but is twice as long.

You used to get credited with the core course if you held a valid FI but with the coming of JAR you get zero cross over credits.

10th Nov 2009, 09:14
Assuming that you hold a JAA TRI rating, the 'Teaching and Learning' element (25 hrs) can be credited towards the FI rating (see JAR-FCL 1.310(c)). Other than that, bose-x is correct.