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9th Nov 2009, 05:42
From www.theage.com.au (http://www.theage.com.au)

An international Qantas flight carrying 300 passengers was this morning forced to abort its landing 400 feet from the ground at Melbourne airport because of other planes on the runway.
The Boeing 747, flight QF94 from Los Angeles, was making its final descent when air traffic controllers requested its pilots to abort the landing and perform what's called a "go-around".
"Air traffic control asked the pilot to do a go-around as there was congested traffic on the runway, and so they did a go-around and landed on the second approach," a Qantas spokeswoman said.
"The pilot made two announcements to the passengers to advise what they were doing," she said.
The spokeswoman said there was nothing unusual about this occurrence.
"Many aircraft do a go-around as requested by air traffic control, so it's not an unusual circumstance.
"Air traffic control said there was congested traffic and they needed more time before QF94 came in.
"Go-arounds are very common. Go-arounds happen on an hourly and daily basis with all airlines. It's not an unsafe situation. It's all part of traffic management at the airport. It's not an incident," the spokeswoman said.
There is heightened sensitivity about aborted landings after revelations last week that pilots at the controls of a Qantas 767 with 200 people on board forgot to put its wheels down.
The Melbourne-to-Sydney flight was forced to climb back into the air after pilots were alerted by an audible cockpit warning that the undercarriage hadn't been lowered. The alarm sounded at 800 feet.
The pilots were interviewed about the incident lastFriday by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.
The safety authority has labelled the underarriage blunder 'serious'.

It is getting a bit of a joke.

9th Nov 2009, 05:56

It has been reported passengers on Qantas Domestic travel have been refused tea and coffee, as there is not enough time per flight! Sources within the airline have confirmed with News Limited that this unusual occurance is becoming a safety factor.


No Further Requirements
9th Nov 2009, 06:03
And in other news, Air Traffic Control changed the level of a QANTAS aircraft, the same type that suffered an explosion near Manila, to avoid another crossing its path. This dramatic maneuver, known as vertical separation, was initiated by the controller when they noticed that the flights would be in close proximity at the same level in ten minutes time just to the West of the NSW city of Wagga Wagga.

An Airservices Australia spokesperson said the practice was common among controllers, some who use it up to 100 times a day.

A passenger aboard the plane, who did not give his name, said "We were just cruising along and all of a sudden the engines revved up, the nose went up slightly and I could feel myself be pushed back into my chair slightly. At no time did the captain tell us what was happening. I was nervous about what was going on and I could see some other passengers were too. QANTAS should be ashamed at the lack of information they passed onto their passengers."

A QANTAS spokesperson said the incident would be investigated thoroughly. This near-miss comes just days after another QANTAS jet, carrying 234 passengers, was involved in a '5 mile standard' separation incident, where two planes were just 7.5 miles away from each other during a procedure known as 'vectoring for separation.'

Nose wheel first
9th Nov 2009, 06:15
No Further Requirements ....I wonder how long it will be before your tongue-in-cheek post gets reported as a real incident by some media troll? Seeing as there are one or two who use Prune as a "reliable" source. :}

Seriously though..... All this reporting of complete non events is way beyond a joke. I wonder if Virgin or Tiger had had to Go Around would it have made the news? Dumb question... of course not!

I get sick or reading some of this media tripe.... and yet I still feel the need to read prune a couple of times a day :}

9th Nov 2009, 06:23
My Virgin landing last week was aborted due to a slow QF 734 trying to get moving down 25 at Tulla.

Where is the HeraldSun Qantas bitch line anyone??

9th Nov 2009, 06:31
QF 734 trying to get moving down 25 at Tulla

Since when has there been a rwy 25 at YMML:confused:

9th Nov 2009, 06:53
Virgin landing last week was aborted due to a slow QF 734 trying to get moving down 25 at Tulla.

News just in, a slow moving QF734 caused a major safety alert that affected a Virgin's pilot awareness. Apparently according to witnesses, the Qantas 734 was moving so slowly, that the Virgin pilot has lost track of time! Safety authority of Australia, CASA, has issued a safety alert for all pilots to avoid looking at Qantas' aircraft in case they get lost among themselves.

9th Nov 2009, 07:24
From www.theage.com.au (http://www.theage.com.au/)

A Qantas Flight landed today with smoke comming from the tires on initial contact with runway, No one was hurt.

A Qantas flight landed today

I guess I have tomorrows head lines today

9th Nov 2009, 07:28
You lot aren't much better than the media that reports this thrash. :ugh: