View Full Version : B767-300 ER In flight emergency

8th Nov 2009, 21:56

In case of an emergency upon taking off after V1, how long will it take for a B767-300 ER to fly back to the runway?


8th Nov 2009, 22:02
It depends on what kind of an emergency, the weather, the aircraft weight, the airport, etc.

Can you give us a more detailed scenario?

8th Nov 2009, 22:44
Let's say, cabin fire with heavy smoke, good meteorological conditions, runway bare & dry, 10000 ft, no wind.

8th Nov 2009, 23:11
Between 4 and 7 minutes!

The Dominican
9th Nov 2009, 00:27
As a former fire fighter I can say with a certain degree of confidence that If you have visible fire in the cabin and heavy smoke as you describe, your time is up.

gravity enemy
9th Nov 2009, 02:22
No wind...perhaps with a serious fire a procedure turn will be contemplated and a 180 degree turn will be executed and the aircraft will land in the opposite direction of take-off. In fact if the condition is serious, perhaps this will be considered even if there is a certain degree of head wind.

Of course it depends from crew to crew, therefore you can take my view with a pinch of salt. Why is it you ask?

9th Nov 2009, 15:23
This is all a bit hypothetical isn't it?
A cabin full of flames and smoke, and he still takes off?
C'mon! RTO and slides deployed would be more likely!

9th Nov 2009, 15:47
The original post did say AFTER V1.

10th Nov 2009, 09:48
It might be better to burn to death in a ditch than to burn to death in the air. Uncontrolled fires can quickly turn nasty, and in such an emergency all bets are IMHO off.

Of course, the chances that such a fire and the extent of it can be communicated to the cockpit crew in the (often) short time between V1 and rotation, might be slim to none. And I also suppose that once rotation has commenced, you don't want to be a test pilot in an aircraft that size.