View Full Version : Is anyone using x-plane for IMC training?

hugh flung_dung
8th Nov 2009, 19:34
... if so it would be good to hear how you've got it set-up. I've been playing around with it in the hope that it would do the same job that IFT-PRO used to do, but so far I've been disappointed.


13th Nov 2009, 21:39
I'm only an NPPL student but I use x-plane a lot (on Mac)... what's the disappointment/problem?

hugh flung_dung
14th Nov 2009, 10:08
"only" a student! Instructors wouldn't have anything to do if students didn't exist; you are our raison d'etre.;)

I had hoped that x-plane could be set-up so that the instrument panel fills most of the screen, it could then be used as a simple trainer for instrument training. So far I haven't found a way to do this in such a way that it looks sensible.


14th Nov 2009, 10:39
Which version are you using, and which plane are you interested in? When you click ARROW DOWN, you "look down" in planes with a "deep" panel. Is that good enough? If all else fails, you could make your own panel.
IS it something like this "King Air" you are after?



14th Nov 2009, 11:12
hugh flung dung.

The only time I have ever seen a decent setup for PPL IMC training was when someone went to the bother of getting 2 screens up and running and did something with an old version of flight sim.

Every other setup has been a multiple series of clicking on things to get to see certain instruments.