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7th Nov 2009, 20:45
Good day to all

I know that the subject was discussed extensively on various threads and posts..but trying the search function did not help me, perhaps it's not the official name of the maneuver.
So could you direct me to the official name, or better still, could someone familiar with the maneuver describe it in detail

Thanks for both your time and patience

7th Nov 2009, 22:16
My understanding is that it is not an Airbus officially recognised manoeuvre - which may explain why you can't find any info on it. Some operators use it but it will only be found in their company manuals.

I'm not Airbus rated and have never used it so someone else will no doubt have more and better information.

7th Nov 2009, 22:34
It's known as a Baulked Landing Procedure.

Used only between initiating the flare and deploying the thrust reversers.

It's fairly self explanatory really - select TOGA thrust, pitch to 10 degrees and hold it. Once you've got a positive rate of climb, you carry out the normal go-around maneuver.

8th Nov 2009, 02:34
My understanding is that it is not an Airbus officially recognised manoeuvre
You're right, it is not recognized as an Airbus maneoeuvre.

Further, from a recent AAIB (Incident Bulletin) at:

TOGA 10 manoeuvre
The operator had introduced the TOGA 10 manoeuvre into its Operations Manual as a balked landing recovery technique following a number of tailstrike events. Following extensive consultation with the manufacturer, the operator introduced the TOGA 10 manoeuvre to ensure flight crews hold a steady pitch attitude during a late go-around or a bounce from a touchdown. Since this serious incident, the operator has withdrawn this manoeuvre and now recommends to pilots the manufacturer’s revised balked landing recovery technique, as described in the FCOM,