View Full Version : A/THR and AP disconnection sequence (Airbus FBW)

7th Nov 2009, 12:24

I recently flew with someone who was very adamant about the correct sequence of disconnection of A/THR and AP: AP first then A/THR...without being able to quote any ref.

I have been doing the exact opposite sequence for years (i.e A/THR then AP) because I was told so during my T/R and because I think this is the most logical way to do it.

Does anyone have an official Airbus literature about this (FCOM, FCTM, Briefing notes, Bulletins...)? I couldn't find anything so far.

As far as you know, is hybrid flying (A/THR off, AP on) not recommanded by Airbus (in normal situation)? I usually disconnect the A/THR in very busy terminal area on final above 1000' and keep AP on until cleared to land.

Thanks for your input'

7th Nov 2009, 12:51
This was not recommended on the 737 due to large trim changes as the autothrottle chased the speed.

On FBW bus I know of no requirement to disconnect A/P or A/t in any order and manual flying with autothrust engaged is permitted.

I know of a large Uk airline who don't allow flying without autothrust (until the retard) unless there is a fault with it.