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7th Nov 2009, 01:38
Very interesting - The future of airline seating | Aircraft seating and interiors (http://www.theage.com.au/travel/the-future-of-airline-seating-watch-this-space-20091104-hxre.html)

7th Nov 2009, 07:47
Air NZ to offer economy class 'seat-beds'

Friday Oct 23, 2009

Such luxury may be coming for economy passengers.

Air New Zealand is set to offer economy passengers the chance to spread out in comfort in a new seat design if there is an empty space next to them, according to a report.

For a fee of around $150, passengers will be able to convert their seat and the one next to them into a seat-bed. The move would be a world first, the Sydney Moring Herald says today, and could earn Air NZ millions.

Passengers would only be able to book the extra seat if space is available when they check-in. A source told the newspaper the seat arrangement would involve both seats sliding forward with the seat rest raising up. Foot room would disappear and the passenger could spread out across both seats. Air NZ is to receive a number of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft at the end of next year and is not giving much away about its new interiors ahead of that. Basic details of the new seat-beds, which could be in place within six months, came from Air NZ international group general manager Ed Sims at an investor briefing last week. Air NZ could sell the seat design to other airlines.

qf 1
7th Nov 2009, 18:30
this goes to prove NEWS LTD papers are rubbish,the did this same story about 9 months.needed some filler to but between the Britney stories

7th Nov 2009, 19:45
QF1 - my apologies for posting the link if it is old news but I hadn't seen the images previously. And fyi The Age is a Fairfax paper.


7th Nov 2009, 21:03
Glad to see that Cattle Class pax are being taken into consideration, at least in some airlines.

Not really trying to have a go at CX but if you look at their A330 seats, they are basically a non-reclining plastic mould with slide-down seat cushions - jolly uncomfortable. :{

7th Nov 2009, 21:53
too bad if your a business man and not a 50kg teenager!


And I'd love to see the passengers on the inner seats get past you in the aisle seat, when they try and get to their seats.

7th Nov 2009, 22:22
Man! If that's an attempt at marketing, I'd be sacking the dude(s) responsible.:{

qf 1
7th Nov 2009, 22:31
sorry your right it is a Faifax paper,shot from the hip that time

7th Nov 2009, 22:38
First time posting an image hope it works and that you like it...Cheers.http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx143/shazz-zaam/pprune02.jpg?t=1257636851

8th Nov 2009, 07:36
Thanks Shazz-zaam. Nice one! :ok: