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6th Nov 2009, 08:21
Being a rumour network and all I heard a whisper from the Townsville refueller that there are going to be or have been some layoffs at Alliance but not sure which base or fleet or pilots/Flight attendants.

Anybody hear anything similar?

P.S. if anybody has been layed off all the best with the job hunting and im sure you will bounce back:ok:

Too old for this
6th Nov 2009, 18:01
Confirmed, ADL, FK50 2 X Capt, 2 X F/O, don't know about F/As.

6th Nov 2009, 20:24
Seems unusual they would let 2xF/O's and 2xCapt's go? I would've thought 4xF/O's and demote the 2 most junior Capt's.

Do Alliance have seniority protection when it comes to redundancies?

The Green Goblin
6th Nov 2009, 22:16
On the bright side Skywest is putting more guys on the Fokkers. Might be a chance for the endorsed guys to head west.


6th Nov 2009, 22:35
Funny old world isn't it?

We had 3 experienced Captains leave to go to SAW a while back. One's flying Metros, another is O/S I hear, and the third is now driving a bus?

Another 2 Captains and 1 F/O went to VA. Sitting in the back seat on $52K P/A and no chance of progression!

We also had several experienced Captains go to Alliance out of Adelaide. Hope they weren't among the guys now out of work. For those who are out of a job, hope you find something soon.

Pilots do tend to take a punt. I mean how else would they be where they are if they didn't. But even if the new company appears solid, be aware that the industrial protection may be inferior!

Morale to the story: The grass may not always be greener guys.

7th Nov 2009, 06:24
The grass might be greener but it's just as hard to mow! ;)

7th Nov 2009, 07:01
4 retrenched now confirmed.

Not done on basis of seniority, nor done on basis of performance, apparently.

No reasons given to justify as I understand it so it would appears as though it was a targeted decision.

I know the 4 blokes and they are some of the nicest professionals around. Good luck boys.

Arnold E
7th Nov 2009, 07:53
Any engineering types in the cross hairs?

8th Nov 2009, 01:36
It is interesting how only 10 months ago ( midway through the GFC ) the CEO standing tall,proud and beautiful,was boasting about how good the organisation was, how there was no chance of any financial issues affecting them, and how the 'big boys' would be laying off staff, but that would never happen at Alliance !!
Seems the tall beautiful one has gone back on his word ?

8th Nov 2009, 02:55
very sad to see any staff get let go at any company within the industry... the question stands...aren't we past the worse now...isn't the economy turned for the better and the industry now recovering ? anyone know the reason why these guys were let go??

8th Nov 2009, 03:37
The longer I remain in the aviation game the more instances I see where management react poorly with a short term mentality.

Things will be looking up in our industry sooner rather than later and bigger and better than the recent past where Pilots were in short supply.

The Australian this weekend reports "AUSTRALIA is rapidly emerging from the downturn into an economic boom the Reserve Bank believes could last for years" (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/new-boom-could-last-for-years-says-a-bullish-rba/story-e6frg6nf-1225795202811)

8th Nov 2009, 05:15
Thats bad news to hear, I know a few F/O's in the AD base and I hope itsa not them.

Just to shed some more light on the BHP issue (Alliances main client for Olympic Dam)-

A few weeks ago there was a major incident in the main lifting shaft where they lift the ore up from underground to the surface. One of the 'carts' (for want of a better word- they are HUGE and there is only 2 per shaft.) Broke loose of its shackle and dropped down to the bottom of the shaft. Oops!!

Now the big deal with this is that there are only 2 of these lifting shafts at the whole mine, and the one that had the incident was 70% of the capacity. So they are only now operating on the second shaft which is approx 30% of the mines capacity.

The time frame has been quoted as 6-12 months for the main shaft to re-open. So as some guys here have said- its very short term thinking by Alliance. You would assume that when the shaft gets repaired the economy will be even better than it is now, so they would need to resume their normal flight schedule! :ugh:

8th Nov 2009, 05:42
Quote: Captcloudbuster

"The longer I remain in the aviation game the more instances I see where management react poorly with a short term mentality."

Mate you hit the nail right on the head - bean counters have done, and will continue to screw the money earners of any company they mess with - not just in aviation but mining etc etc etc.

8th Nov 2009, 09:31
... and it's just been confirmed they've let go of 1 (yes, just one) flight attendant at the townsville base

thats sad :( she was the coolest one there too

8th Nov 2009, 09:55
If indeed the 4 layoffs have been told they will be welcome back- don't hold your breath.
They did lay offs years ago, with a 'pool' pilot arrangement right of return system - which wasn't strictly followed.
Good luck. Start looking elsewhere, and don't look back.
Not worth the hassle.:suspect:

10th Nov 2009, 12:15
2pissed - was she fairly senior (not in age - ie pre 2005)?