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5th Nov 2009, 21:06
Hello all,

well I had this on my mind, and the AIM doesn't answer my question, and I asked several people and not definite answer.

VASI provides safe obstruction clearence within +-10 of the centerline and up to 4 NM from the runway threshold.

Does PAPI provide the same Obstruction clearence ? Does it provide more? Or it doesn't provide obstruction clearence at all ?

From my sources, it does not specify anywhere that the PAPI provides obstruction clearence. But it would be pointless to set up this system with a building in the middle of the glidepath to the runway...

I hope you can share your thoughts.


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6th Nov 2009, 07:05
Good morning!

Does PAPI provide the same Obstruction clearence ?

The obstacle protection surtface associated with visual approach aids is specified in ICAO Annex 14, Aerodromes, Volume 1, chapters to Not only is there no differentiation between VASIS and PAPI within these chapters, but it specifically sais: "Note. The following specifications apply to T-VASIS,

However, your country may have laws that deviate from the ICAO recommendations/standards. Therefore to be 100% sure, you should consult your national legislation as well as the ICAO documents.

Greetings, Max