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Miles Magister
5th Nov 2009, 18:53
I recall reading a CAA circular earlier this year recomending that type rating simulator training should not be conducted during the early hours of the morning. This being due to the brains limited abilty to retain taught information during this time when all sensible people are in bed.

I can not now find this reference and would like to ask if any one can direct me to it.

Many thanks


6th Nov 2009, 18:18
Can't find a reference to this, but am wondering if it is connected to Flight Time Limitations at all.

When I did a type rating in the States I remember being told by the staff that as JAA students we could not be scheduled in the simulators at silly times, whereas the FAA students could.

7th Nov 2009, 09:23
Standards Document 34, para 12.16 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/Standards%20Document%2034v2_.pdf)

Miles Magister
7th Nov 2009, 11:40
Thank you,


A and C
14th Nov 2009, 17:59
Did an A320 rating with Storm aviation last year and they must have mis read the CAA document and got things 180 degrees out and put all the sim slots in the "small" hours!

15th Nov 2009, 10:54
Could be that they are not approved by the UK CAA (at least there's no sign of them in Standards Document 31) and therefore don't need to comply with the UK's requirements.