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3rd Nov 2009, 16:51
Hello everyone, this note is to let everyone know that I have a full Trident 1c cockpit which has been placed in a box unit and turned into a hands on simulator, everything works and includes the flight engineers panel. Have a look on our website and please use the above address (title)

She is ready to hire and much cheaper than other sims. we can come to you for both social and buisness events and training . Details are available on request. I am contactable though the web site or tel 01765 698565

hope to speak to you soon.

4th Nov 2009, 17:35
I've tried all sorts of combinations of "North Yorkshire Trident Simulator(s)" on Google/Yahoo etc, and I'm getting nowhere. All I get are results of the PPRuNe pages you've posted on, and a load of (MS) Flightsim nonsense.

Can't you just put a link on here?! :confused:


4th Nov 2009, 18:03
If you put the telephone number into Google it comes up the Ripon Hard of Hearing Group.

No sign of a website?!

Apparently a Trident simulator was sold on eBay recently and this is the subject of a separate Thread.

No idea if this is the same one or whether the current simulator is for hire or available free of charge?

Perhaps bathboy58 could pass further details and a web address?


FOK :)

5th Nov 2009, 00:46
Good work Kite, I hadn't thought of searching the number. :ok: This 'bathboy' cheeser appears to have been banned now, so maybe we'll never know.

I was following the other threads, and there was talk of a DC9, Phantom, 732 and all kinds of stuff at the same place?? I know there is a Phantom, and a 732 with this lot Flight Simulator Experiences - Now at Real Simulation (http://www.realsimulation.co.uk/location.php) so thought maybe it was genuine, and they had joined together with the Trident (which I think someone mentioned was at Biggin Hill, then for sale on eBay), and also added (or were working on adding) a DC9.

So now it seems that the 732 and Phantom are still there, but the Trident has disappeared after it's last known sighting on eBay. The plot thickens... :ooh: