View Full Version : OPC in Europe by pilot with FAA licence

30th Oct 2009, 13:22
Just came across an interesting issue...
An FAA licensed pilot with a national validation of a europenan country (no JAr licence) wants to do an OPC on behalf of a European EU-OPS operator on a JAR certified simulator. Possible or not?

idle stop
30th Oct 2009, 17:38
If it were the UK, then I very much doubt it. The proposed non-JAR Examiner could apply for a one-off authority to conduct the test, but this might (note the word) only be granted if there were NO other JAR Examiner on type in Europe. Perhaps our European colleagues are more flexible. I'd be interested to know....

31st Oct 2009, 10:03
Thanks for your answer. The examiner has a JAR authorisation and the SIM is JAR approved. Its the pilot who has a national validation only and wants to do the OPC...
I know its confusing and sorry if it wasn't as clear...

idle stop
31st Oct 2009, 12:26
It depends on the privileges of the Validation. If for full commercial use, then no problem. Best is to check with the company's NAA Flight Ops Inspector.