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28th Oct 2009, 02:42
I'm trying to open a WinRAR zip file. So, I downloaded the free trial version of the program. But now I'm getting the message that I need to install a converter and that I need the installation disc to do that.

I don't have the disc (Microsoft Office XP Small Business) so I'm wondering if there's another way around this.



28th Oct 2009, 04:29
I take it you've already opened the .rar file, and your issue is now with the
file(s) inside?

What kind of file is it?

What windows program are you running?

28th Oct 2009, 06:46

The file I'm trying to open is a Microsoft Word Document.

I have Windows XP.

green granite
28th Oct 2009, 08:27
Try right clicking on it, go to 'open with' and select wordpad, it wont be pretty but it should be readable,

28th Oct 2009, 11:09
Download Open Office, its free and opens word documents.:ok:

28th Oct 2009, 11:33
Are you sure you have the correct version of winrar? I have downloaded it dozens of times for new build systems & never experienced the problem you describe. On the rarlabs website (which is where I hope you downloaded it from), there are several download options available depending on o/s version no. etc.

If you chose to download it from somewhere other than rarlabs.com, there is a possibility you have acquired added warez designed to relieve you of your cash. Once installed, the best way to use it is to right click on the target file & choose extract files... rather than open up winrar itself.

28th Oct 2009, 12:01
WinRAR has done its job here - you can extract the file, and now you need some way of reading it. It's not a WinRAR problem. If it's a standard DOC file, it should be readable in WordPad, though it won't look good enough to print. If that doesn't work adequately, or it's a DOCX (Office 2007) file, then you need the Microsoft Word Viewer (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=3657CE88-7CFA-457A-9AEC-F4F827F20CAC&DisplayLang=en).

Sure, OpenOffice can probably work with the docuemnt, but it's a major download and installation - overkill if you just want to read the bloody thing! :cool:

28th Oct 2009, 16:41
Green granite, ZH875, Sprogget and bnt, thanks for your replies.

I have right clicked on the target file, tried to open the file with Wordpad, downloaded Microsoft Word Viewer, and checked to make sure I had downloaded from Rarlabs.com. (32-bit version)

So far, nothing seems to be working....although I'm willing to concede that it's probably a case of IU (idiot user) and there's something that I'm screwing up.

I'm still getting that message that I need the converter and the file I'm missing is SBERET.MSI (Microsoft Office XP Small Business)

Oh, and since I have Open Office on my old laptop, I thought I'd try to open the file with that. But today I can't connect to the Internet with that computer. Have never had that problem before and the two computers are inches apart. Today is shaping up to be one of those days when I should avoid anything that plugs in:ugh:


28th Oct 2009, 17:25
Further to my last post and before anyone wastes any more time on this...

As I suspected, it was a case of IU. When I tried one more time, I realized that although I had downloaded Microsoft Word Viewer, I had forgotten to try opening the file with it.:\ MW viewer worked! So thanks for the suggestion, bnt.

Some good came of this because I did end up downloading Open Office, something I'd been meaning to do for awhile ( now I can open OO files from my other computer--if i can ever get it to connect to the Internet again ) and I'll probably need Microsoft Word Viewer again some day.

Thanks again everyone!!!

PPRuNe Pop
28th Oct 2009, 18:39
Interesting this. I have been trying to open a Windows file that came down with a 356mb download into the .rar format and sits nicely there as a pile of books. From there you 'extract' to the original file which is where the Windows setup file then is.

The windows file as the setup file is supposed to download to the device (in this case a sat-nav) but all it does releases the extractor and then freezes - not the pooter tho.

Very frustrating.

green granite
28th Oct 2009, 18:53
Try extracting the RAR file to C:\temp and running it from there.

PPRuNe Pop
28th Oct 2009, 23:12
I have sent a 'copy' of ARES 1-X to them because nothing I have tried works. The latest point they made was that the main file would be in the Windows folder - it wasn't.

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