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T J Johansen
26th Oct 2009, 23:50
I have been searching for info regarding this company which apparently operated DC-3 and DC-6 aircraft around the middle east in the 70s. They lost one DC-6 which crashed into a mountain near Muscat and the other two 6s expired years ago at dust covered airfields. I've been told that this was something of a "fast operator" flying all sorts of cargo around, pretty much like Hank Warton's NAATC and Dick Wellmann's ADCO Airlines. Can anyone corfirm or deny this? Also, if there are people with knowledge of ADCO which also operated in the same area (geografically) I would love to hear from them.


1970s Spotter
14th Jun 2010, 10:44
A point of interest is that NWAC was formed by Badr Halwany (along with a Mr & Mrs Samaha) in 1974. Halwany was also president of Jet Power, famed clapped-out Boeing 707 and DC-8 operator based in Miami in the 1970s. Jet Power's sphere of operations covered Latin America as well as the Middle East and Indian sub-continent.
The plot thickens. . .

3rd May 2011, 08:19
My question is what the guy above this wants to know because my grandfather was Badr Halwany, and i can explain some of that and some of what you are saying. Email me?

3rd May 2011, 08:20
The plot thickens...................lol wtf? okay. hahahah yeah it got alot crazier, what do you know about it?

1970s Spotter
10th Sep 2011, 15:45
I am in the process of writing a short article about the above carriers and others that op. around the Gulf at the time. Might do similar 'bout JP and Wharton.
No publisher yet though.

1st Dec 2017, 12:31
Did the proposed article about NWAC and ADCo ever get published? Does anyone have info on AWA American World Airways who had DC-6B N122A in the 70s?

1970s Spotter
1st Dec 2017, 15:54
Yes, the article was publised in Propliner Magazine but I can't remember which edition, would have been in 2012. I have info on N112A too. Please contact me at:

3rd Dec 2017, 14:17
There wa one of there dc6 parked at manston around 70/71 behind the invicta hanger Hugh kennard who run invicta was was a good friend of Hank Warton beleive this dc6 had been used in Biafra also around 77/78 invicta engineers did some work on a couple of f27 Hank had purchased from Saudi this was a fascinating airport around this time some exotic movements

1970s Spotter
3rd Dec 2017, 17:28
I think Mike Haradine was Hank's big buddie at Invicta. I did not know that Hank acquired F27s for Saudi.

2 sheds
3rd Dec 2017, 17:48

NWAC dripping oil all over the freight apron at Dubai, 1976.

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3rd Dec 2017, 19:12
New World Air Charter operated three DC6's in the Persian Gulf area, mainly in Oman although I believe were based in Sharjah and/or Dubai in the UAE. They were N19CA, N122A (the one that crashed into Jabal Akhdar, Oman) and N91308.

Much of their work came from flying construction materials into Oman while the then Sultan of Oman's Airport base at Thumrait was being built. As the construction boom subsided NWAC picked up business in other area. At the time of N122A's crash it was positioning back to Larnaca, Cyprus after delivering a load of fresh fruit and vegetables, operating under a Cyprus Airways callsign.

The crew included Captain Dudding and First Officer Gassim Sleight (literal spelling of his Arabic name). Sadly they along with the Flight Engineer and possibly a loadmaster, all perished.

3rd Dec 2017, 20:52
Sorry you are right Mike haradine was a good friend of Hank's the f27s went on lease to Saudi stayed at manston for a while then went back to USA believed ended days in chile

Tony Mabelis
3rd Dec 2017, 21:33

NWAC dripping oil all over the freight apron at Dubai, 1976.

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I worked for Dubai Airwing, on that ramp from '77 -'89.
That DC6 in the picture was dragged away by the airport authority and stored down by the fire station before being broken up, as the ramp in the picture was used for VVIP movements as its presence was a bit of an embarrassment.

I do recall one of the unserviceable power plants being retrieved from the sand, and being taken off to Cyprus by NWAT to be used 'in the apprentice training school'.............who is kidding who I thought!
NWAT, an old school cowboy operation.